Case of British girl who refused heart transplant could be used to promote euthanasia (CNA)

CNA STAFF, Nov 13, 2008 / 05:33 pm (CNA).- Dr. Luis Raez, expert in bioethics and professor at the Hematology and Oncology Clinic at the University of Miami?s Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, has warned that the case of Hannah Jones, a 13 year-old British girl who decided not to undergo a heart transplant, sets a precedent that is ?very dangerous and could be used legally to promote euthanasia.?

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What troubles me is the numerous headlines that read “British Girl Allowed to Refuse Heart Transplant.” A more shocking headline might read (let’s hope someday) “Chinese Mother Allowed to Refuse Abortion.”

Once the government is allowed to decide these types of questions, true human freedom is lost. The Church does not REQUIRE persons who are ill to undergo all possible medical treatment. Acoording to the National Catholic Bioethics Center:

"Moral theologians use the terms “ordinary” and “extraordinary” to make this distinction, in keeping with the words of Pope Pius XII: “Normally one is held to use only ordinary means—according to the circumstances of persons, places, times and culture—that is to say, means that do not involve any grave burden for oneself or another. A stricter obligation would be too burdensome for most people and would render the attainment of the higher, more important good too difficult. Life, health, all temporal activities are in fact subordinated to spiritual ends.”

That’s ludicrous!

The girl bravely decided she didn’t want to go to desperate lengths to prolong her life. She decided that she would let nature take its course. This has NOTHING to do with euthanasia!

I hope this will show some people we are all mortal and it is much more graceful to accept when our time comes than fight tooth & nail for our lives, which are ending soon enough anyway.

Euthanasia is the unnatural ending of a life.

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