Case of Gender-Confused Teacher against Catholic School Board Accepted by HRC

By Patrick B. CraineEDMONTON, Alberta, October 16, 2009 ( - The Alberta Human Rights Commission has accepted a complaint brought against an Edmonton-area Catholic school board by a substitute teacher who was let go after she announced she was ‘becoming’ a man.Janet…

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[quote=LifeSite article]In Buterman’s opinion, the Catholic board does not have the right to let their beliefs enter decisions about employment. “It appears to me they think they have a right to make employment decisions based on claims, tenets of faith,” she told the Edmonton Journal. “From my perspective, as a public employer, they do not.”

And this seems to be the key point. Don’t the Alberta Catholic schools receive substantial government funding?

Who takes the King’s coin, is the King’s man. They’ve essentially made themselves into a public agency, and subject to the same rules and expectations of other government agencies.

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