Cash for clunkers programs yielded little environmental impact


The cash for clunkers program, which was supposed to boost short term vehicle sales and reduce carbon emissions, ended up costing more than it was worth, an Oct. 30 Brookings report says.

The $2.85 billion Car Allowance Rebate System, known as cash for clunkers, provided economic incentives to people who bought new, more fuel-efficient vehicles when they traded in their less fuel-efficient vehicles. The program was offered July 1 to Aug. 24, 2009.

The program led to a slight improvement in fuel economy and some reduction in carbon emissions, the report says. But the cost per ton of carbon dioxide reduced from the program suggests that the program was not a cost-effective way to reduce emissions.

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Interesting, it also didn’t create that many jobs. One thing that did happen was that good used cars were removed from the market, meaning that people ended up having to buy new and pay more money. Especially obvious when you see that the most common “trade-in” was a pick-up truck, that folks running small businesses could have found very useful.


Waiting for Ridgrunner to spot this thread. :popcorn:


:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl: Prescient! :slight_smile:

None of this is a surprise to me. I hated that program from the moment it was conceived. A subsidy to people wealthy enough to buy new cars, and a penalty to poor people who rely on “clunkers” to get to work, go to the doctor, go to the cheaper and better stores out in the 'burbs. An outrage.


Ridge, the commoners are supposed to use mas transit, dontcha know? Bonus, it reduces traffic on the roads for the important people.

But don’t forget, it’s the REPUBLICANS that are out to shaft the little guy. Repeat until suckers believe.


A Washington Post article covering this issue (so hopefully the thread doesn’t get locked). Also Fox News. Also Tampa Bay Times.

My comment (hopefully on a thread that won’t get locked) is that the ones the Cash for Clunkers program hurt were the working poor. Period. Who did they help? The cronies that crony capitalism made famous.


The Cash for Clunkers program did have an upside… it got rid of a lot of Obama/Biden bumper stickers :slight_smile:


I saw a very nice car I like in a parking lot the other day. Pointed it out to my son because it was the color/version/etc. I’ve been looking at and said I wanted that car. When we drove away, I noticed it had an Obama bumper sticker, so I don’t want it after all. :stuck_out_tongue:


Crony capitalism seems to be a recurring theme from this administration (see also the ACA).




Are you sure about mass transit? After all, the leftist ideal is to have a line of gray-clad workers slogging their way on foot from their Bauhaus-patterned “worker housing” to the state-owned factory, coat collars turned up to deflect the cold wind, nevertheless inspired by the giant posters pasted on the walls of deserted churches along the way, exhorting them to work hard to build socialism by fighting global warming. :smiley:

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