Cassandra or Leliana?

Has anybody played Dragon Age? I love the parallels to Catholicism in the game, but I’m unsure of who to support as Divine. I like that Cassandra is more traditional, and feel like supporting her would symbolize supporting an unchanging doctrine. However, the Chantry isn’t the Catholic Church, and it seems like the changes Leliana would make (letting mages and all races serve in the Chantry) are valid/more inline with how the Catholic Church would have been to begin with in such a setting. I also may just be biased towards Leliana, because she is from Dragon Age Origins. Does anyone here play video games?

If I remember correctly, I made Leliana the Divine. Cassandra is a soldier; the front lines suit her more than dealing with the squabbles and politicking she could not avoid as Divine. You can clearly see her discomfort with it in Orlais. Leliana, however, is very used to such environments given her background as a Bard, and now with the events of DA:I, has been exposed and tempered in war. I think also doing her personal quest and helping her get out of her dark place concerning the previous Divine and the Warden from DA:O factored into my decision.


Yeah, that makes sense to me.

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I’ve played several playthroughs and made all three women (Cassandra, Leliana, and Vivienne) the Divines. I really disliked Vivienne the most. I guess that’s what happens when you install a mage as Divine. I think Leliana did some great, much-needed changes to the Chantry, but I personally liked Cassandra more because I thought that being Divine is a great conclusion for her character’s story. I really hated losing her as a follower though as she had been a constant in all my parties and her Templar abilities are especially suited to my playstyle.

Hm, the first time I played, Cassandra ended up being Divine even though I intended Leliana. This is only my 2nd time playing, and I’m replaying because I never played the DLC. Is that where you lose her as a party member?

You lose her as a party member once she becomes Divine. Either that or something was faulty with my game disk or something.

I still have not played through the last Dragon Age game as these kind of games are timesinks. Still playing through the last Witcher game after over a year of installing it, and lowering combat difficulty straightaway. Not as bad in that respect as game two in that series which was absolutely unforgiving and if you want a game that is really unforgiving of mistakes in any kind of combat situation then Kingdom Come:Deliverance is a right pain.

The first Dragon Age came was great and I played through it several times, the second was ‘meh’ with moments that redeemed it here and there. From what I have played through in the third game it seems to return to more of the mode and feel of the first game.

The third DA game is definitely an improvement over the second. Witcher III was also a definite improvement over the second one in my opinion.

I gave up partway into the second one as I felt the first one despite’s it age and now wonky graphics is better in many regards. There are still some issues in the third one and whilst people routinely put if forth as a masterpiece of gaming my view would be more, ‘Very good, excellent in parts with some fantastic writing at spots’ but not a masterpiece. I’d give it an A minus. Some of that probably arises from playing it too long, also I tend to be a pain at finding ways to bend the combat engine to work for me in these games once I learn it. Witcher’s engine has the usual ‘enemies’ only pursue you so far thing going on. So you can quite easily retreat and heal and then whittle enemies down. Also, even though the crossbow is not supposed to be that good for killing things if you persist with upgrades you can use it for that if you are patient. I put the difficult level back up now as I am seriously over-levelled near the end of my first playthrough and approaching level 55 which I am told is nearly the maximum you can grind out of that first playthrough.

I may play the third DA game after as there is little else on the market right now that interests me in that direction.

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I spent so much time playing that game my parents secretly sold it. I was in high school (two years ago) and it was affecting my studies. I thought I’d misplaced the CD somewhere.

That reminds me. I should purchase a new one. I was working on finishing all the Skellige quests during my last playthrough.

A truly challenging and intriguing game would be Dark Souls, and also Bloodborne. Especially Bloodborne. Wonderful, creepy environment.

I started Witcher 2, but quickly decided the series is too vulgar and sexually explicit for me, which is a shame since it is critically acclaimed as one of the best fantasy games and it did seem rich with lore.

Dragon Age Origins is tied with Knights of the Old Republic as my favorite rpg. I was really disappointed in a lot of things about 2, such as enemy waves, reused environments, lack of party equipment aesthetics, categorized dialogue tree etc… but the story and characters were still great.

Inquisition is easily my least favorite though. I hate how much empty space there is filled with tedious tasks, especially with my compulsion to cover every inch, loot every chest, read every codex. I hate how the mechanics are poorly suited to platforming, and yet reaching certain items requires it. I hate how straightforward the skill trees are, with few choices of active skills. I dislike most of the companions, and the ones I like are still inferior to previous games companions. There isn’t nearly enough guaranteed legendary gear or schematics to find compared to how large the game is, which makes exploring feel fruitless. I hate that most fights are just wandering hoardes of enemies requiring no tactics to defeat since the fights aren’t designed. I don’t think the game is any closer to Origins. It almost feels like playing an MMO all alone.

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