I just wanted to know cassocks be folded? And what is the proper carrying case for them?



Ok, but first tell us yur not plannin on robbin a bank with it. We got enough scandals ta deal with. So we can’t give out secret information to just anyone.


Who would rob a bank in a Cassock really :rolleyes: We all know that one only robs a bank while wearing a clown suit :wink:



HEY NOW!!! Banks NEVER give me money. Maybe I ought to do something more than honk my horn?


That is why only Jesuits are allowed to know. The secrets are safe with them as even they can’t remember how it’s done well enough to bother having a cassock in their wardrobe.


Perhaps you could point one of those little water pistols that shoot out flowers, at the teller and scream “This is a stick-up!, Give me all my money!” And then honk your horn.


There’s no standard way for folding a cassock. One would just do whatever causes the fewest wrinkles.

If however one were carrying a cassock, but that’s more for clerics, generally it’s carried draped over one’s forarm, folded roughly in half. That’s just what I’ve seen, but there are no defined rules.


Speak to the tailor that sold you your cassock.

He should be able to give you the details on proper care of the garment.


I just stash my altar boy cassock in in a black bag with the surplice folded together with it. It really doesn’t matter as long as the cassock is safe.
Now, if you have a more finer priest cassock, perhaps a large vestment bag will do. I know the bishop carries his cassock in this sort of bag.


I don’t know. My mother always washed and ironed my cassock. I do know she used Niagra starch which was mixed in an empty root beer bottle which had a sprinkler attachment to it. Then she hung it on a hanger. She used to complain about all the pleats in the surplice. :smiley:

P.S. For you purists out there, this was taken on a Saturday afternoon and yes, the cuff on my jeans on my left leg had fallen.


I’ve recently met a couple of them over the course of more than a month and mostly seen them in cassocks. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think maybe if my nose lights up and I use one of those toy guns where the scarf which reads “bang” pops out when I pull the trigger, then they might take me seriously. Or at least seriously enough to call the nice men who will put me in a white jacket rather than the police.




Have they always been nice to you, noble fool? :slight_smile:

You could always try that old classic…filling out a withdrawal slip…


That would get me in trouble over on the sexual morality forum.




FOLD A CASSOCK?!?!?:eek:
You don’t fold a cassock (or a surplice); you put it on a hanger!!

Ex-altar boy.


Depending on the fabric, hanging this garment may well be the preferred method.

But I’m sure there are some cassocks which are amenable to folding


I don’t have one, and I will be sure never to fold one :wink: I just wanted to know the proper way to treat on. Most clothes you can just put in a suitcase when moving…I didn’t know about Cassocks.



I think some of the arguements about cassocks are surplus to requirements:)

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