Cast your vote now!

From Father Z’s blog:

On the website of the one of the worst, one of the most liberal newspapers in the USA, the execrable Minneapolis Star-Tribune, there is an informal poll

Get out the vote! Post links on your own blog, if you have one. Make a difference.

Remember, there a lot of clergy of that Archdiocese will be reading these results.

Folks! You have your marching orders.


You crack me up, man. These polls are a newspaper’s way of “creating news”. They put out a poll and then report the results as if it were news. Since when are these polls all that critical? Last I heard, there was only one public opinion poll taken in the Bible, and the result was: “Crucify Him!”

Ah well, vote, peeps :shrug:

:clapping: I never heard that before. So much for polls.

The results tend to sway public opinion, though. Plus, you have your marching orders from Father Z! :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I voted :slight_smile:

Notice that the results are higher on “Yes”?

Notice that the results are higher on “Yes”?

Hope this translates into high attendance.

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