Casting Crowns on Youtube! - the best clip I've ever seen!

Check their “Voice of truth” clip HERE!!!


What’s more, you can download it HERE!!!

Be sure to check it out!!!


thanks for sharing, Casting Crowns are one of the few Christian recording artists that I like, aside from TobyMac, again thanks for sharing!

Anytime! :slight_smile:

That clip is GREEAAT! :wink: :thumbsup:

I agree. i love their CD “Lifesong”. It is amazing. i am going to go see them in Concert in october when they come to Houston. You know the lead singer wrote a book on what the songs mean and how he wrote them.

Just saw them last night…(I realize this is an old thread but I came home and searched for them). They are amazing. I have never heard of them before last night, my friend had an extra ticket. We ended up in the front row! SUPER!

I love that song…the phrase “but the voice of Truth tell me a different story, and the voice of Truth says do not be afraid…” sends chills down my spine every time…

says link removed for the first one. SAys it violated something.

I havent tried the second link but dont care too.

A decent video, but some of the lyrics didn’t flow smoothly. Good message, though.

I would probably listen to it once only, if heard on the radio.

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