Casting Crowns Wears Its Pro-Life Views on Its Sleeves

Casting Crowns Wears Its Pro-Life Views on Its Sleeves

The Christian pop rock band Casting Crowns is known for taking a stand and, today, the ban put their money where their mouth is when it comes to supporting the right to life for unborn children.

Three cheers for Casting Crowns. :slight_smile:

Although I’m not typically a fan of their type of sound, I applaud them for using their talents to praise the Lord.

Hey juliee, thanks for posting this. I have never heard this group until today, but I liked what I heard. :thumbsup:

Great, I like these folks and their music. I remember one of their lyrics saying something like ‘let unborn children see light of day’.

Their song, “Your Love is Extravagant” is one of the most beautiful I have ever heard.

I LOVE Casting Crowns! I saw them live and they were amazing! I know they are not Catholic but they walk the talk. A new song of theirs on their latest album called Wedding Day just makes me cry- especially as I get closer to Easter Vigil!

This is Wedding Day


I too like the music of Casting Crowns…one of my favorite is “O Glorious Day”.

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