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I was a protestant until Easter 2010, when I swam the Tiber. During those times, I loved many contemporary Christian music (CCM) groups. Mercy Me, Third Day, Todd Agnew. Groups with a modern sound, definitely not hokey.

But I think my favorite is Casting Crowns. Every song has lyrics that seem like a prayer, with a lot of musical talent behind them.

Is/are there any equivalent groups/singers in Catholicism? I tried looking thru the thread at the top of this web page, but it’s so old, and so long, that my eyes crossed while I was reading.

Also, I’ve noticed that the most people in our Parish, that I talk to, don’t listen to CCM at all. Is that wide-spread? Are there many CCM fans at your Parish?

I “googled” Catholic Contemporary Bands and got some links. Don’t know if it will be what you are looking for but have a look.

A couple right at the top are “Romans” and “Oremus”


I listen to CCM on K-Love ( will let you find a station). What I appreciate most is that they don’t push one denomination or another. The specific denomination of the artists are never mentioned, and the only time denomination is mentioned is when they are doing a news story on one church or another. They have even reported happenings in the Catholic church from time to time, without referring to the scandals or other things that are a detriment to all Christendom.

I think the reason some Catholics do not listen to CCM is because so much of it is viewed as Protestant music. And to an extent, it’s true. For example, during Lent K-Love does not stop playing songs with “Alleluia” or “Hallelujah” in them. I find this difficult to listen to and often turn the radio off during these songs. Still, I find it even more difficult to profess Catholicism and listen to songs which violate our basic morals. I find that most contemporary songs do this in some way, and I can’t stand to listen.

I love the music of Casting Crowns…some of their songs move me deeply…“East to West” and “Praise Him in the Storm” are my two favorites…“Voice of Truth” is great as well.

There really isn’t anywhere near the volume of catholic popular music as there is protestant CCM. I’ve puzzled why that is quite a bit and the best I can come up with is that catholics are still a minority in this country and vigorously practicing catholics even moreso. Add to that the fact that while for protestants prayerful song is about as close to worship as they can get, catholics have almost routine access to the real flesh and blood Body of Christ to offer to God as worship and sacrifice.

I still listen to CCM, but you gotta keep the filters up. It can be good spiritual excercise to be on guard and critically examine lyrics. And CCM today sure is better quality than the bad Xerox copy of mainstream pop music that is was when I was in college!

My favorite is “Who Am I,” well, it’s the first Casting Crowns song that I ever heard. I also like their christmas album. :slight_smile:

“Who Am I” is a good one as well.

We listen to KLOVE a lot, too.

Question, though, as a new Catholic. Why don’t we sing the Alleluia during Lent?

And by “most contemporary songs do this…”, do you mean CCM, or popular-secular music?

Answer to your question

Hi There,

I thought you might be interested in listening to contemporary Catholic musicians at .

You may also want to check out or

Check 'em out! :slight_smile:


One catholic band which i highly recommed is Rex Band, there are too spiritual and music is very powerful. :thumbsup:

O Glorious Day by Casting Crowns is joyous and moving.

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