Casting lots/coin flip

Is flipping coins in like a football game or a video game if football to decide who goes first considered like divination. Similar to casting lots? What is the church’s position on this?

Good golly, is this serious? This isn’t moral theology.

Dovination is not “chance” but certainty. You are thinking of flipping the coin as a prophesy…

No, you weren’t engaging in divination.


noun: divination; plural noun: divinations
the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.
synonyms: fortune telling, divining, prophecy, prediction, soothsaying, augury; clairvoyance, second sight
“he looked to divination for guidance”

Tossing a coin is deciding something trivial in a fair manner, leaving it to the random result of gravity.

Divination is expecting some force, deity, spirit, or being to guide the toss for the purpose of being led, or telling the future.

Flipping a coin, rolling dice, casting lots, … it doesn’t matter. These are random physical processes which we may use to decide an outcome fairly in the sense that each participant is equally likely to win and no participant can gain an advantage by skill or knowledge.

Unless your believing say that some gods or magic etc is in control of that coin.

No - such is not superstition. Tis simply a coin flip.

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