Casting Out Demons: Pope Francis Declares Support for Exorcisms

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Priests who pursue the ministry of exorcism “manifest the Church’s love and acceptance of those who suffer because of the devil’s works,” Pope Francis wrote in a message to the association’s president, Father Francesco Bamonte, Breitbart reported this week. The Holy See’s approval of the International Association of Exorcists was “cause for joy not only for the association, but for the whole Church,” Bamonte said.

I am glad this was posted because I need advice and prayer. When I was a very young child from the age of 2 to age 6 I believe I was tormented in the night by demons. They would not harm me but scare me. For instance, I have a vivid memory from the time I was 2 when a headless “person” appeared in my room nightly. I was so terrified I could not even scream. One night it came again and I was able to cry out for my mother who came in the room. When she came in and turned on the light I could still see it standing there but she couldn’t. My mom let me sleep with her and the thing pasted the foot of the bed all night but never touched me.

When we moved to a different house it would visit me again but this time in the form of a very creepy looking donkey outside my window. Eventually we moved again when I was 5. In our third home it appeared more terrifying to me in by bedroom as a skeleton. This was the most terrifying. When I was 6 years old my grandmother (who was a devout Catholic and a prayer warrior) took me with her on a 2 month summer vacation to Michigan (we lived in California). During that time I was visited one time by three demons but this time in a dream.

My grandmother suspected there was a spiritual issue so she put a blessed crucifix and a picture of the sacred heart of Jesus in my room and taught me how to pray. I was never tormented like that again. That was in 1966. Fast forward to 1984, I was in the Navy on shore duty. One morning I woke up to get ready for work when I heard a sinister voice in the room which said, “We are going to take you to hell!” As fast as I heard the voice I spoke back and said, “I rebuke you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!”

This happened at a time when I was a new evangelical (yet still went to mass). Now fast forward to 2011 to the present. I have become obsessed with demonology, meaning exorcism. I read about cases I have watched every episode of “A Haunting” and every movie about exorcism based on a true story. The thought occurred to me that God might be calling me to this ministry. At first I thought it was great now I am not so sure this is a cross I want to bear.

Let me elaborate, for years I have been praying for the salvation of my family and since 2010 terrible tragedy has come on us. My brother was diagnosed with rectal cancer and although still alive the cancer has metastasized to his lungs. It is a miracle that not only is he still alive but up until a month ago he still worked hard physical labor. Now he is a paraplegic as he is paralyzed from the waist down because the cancer spread to the spine and fractured it.

In 2012 my 22 year old daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and died two months later. Six months after that happened my brother in law was killed in a sand rail accident. Three months after that happened (March 2013) my 16 year old daughter attempted suicide by swallowing 12 anxiety pills. She was found unconscious by her teacher in the bathroom. I also became sick when I contracted a staph infection in a surgical wound and had to take 5 months medical leave. At the same time my sister almost died from pneumonia. Finally my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer (which was treated and is in remission).

When my oldest daughter passed away I had been camped out in her hospital room for 3 weeks. I prayed the rosary and the divine chaplet of mercy over her everyday as well as many hours of private prayer and intersession. My daughter Rebekah, was not Catholic, she was raised in the AOG yet the night before she passed away I was able to get a Catholic priest to administer to her the annointing of the sick, I participated in the sacramental rite as did her best friend (who was also coincidently Catholi). Evangelicals do not believe in baptizing children so they “dedicate them to the Lord” before the whole congregation by laying on of hands (it is much like baptism). So Rebekah was dedicated but not baptized when she was an infant. When I reverted back to being Catholic I baptized her myself on July 5th 1999. She passed away with me holding her hands and praying July 5th 2012.

I believe my family is under attack possibly because dark forces know where God is leading me. It has gotten to the point for me where constant prayer for my family is a very heavy cross to bear. And to make matters more difficult all my family is spread apart on the west coast and I am alone in Virginia. Perhaps God has isolated me for consecration? I am very much drawn to Eucharist Adoration which I often spend hours adoring and praying all for my family and now for the soul of my daughter Rebekah and my brother Dale. So I am asking for advice, your thoughts and your prayers. Thank you.

Pax Cristi,

First off, I am so dearly sorry for a you have suffered and all that you family has suffered.
I am sure you have been told this and probably have done this. Call your Diocese. Ask to speak to the Chancellor of your Diocese. Do not stop until you recieve a response and an honest and true meeting with a Priest who believes in the existance of the beast. If you get no where keep trying. Do not quit. Be persistance and Holy in your approach. God Bless You and I will Pray for you. Sacraments, Prayer, Eucharistic Adoration, al you can possibly do. Please do not quit. What ever your cross may be Christ is waiting.

Soul of Christ, sanctify me. Body of Christ, save me. Blood of Christ, inebriate me. Water from the side of Christ, wash me. Passion of Christ, strengthen me. O Good Jesus, hear me. Within your wounds hide me. Permit me not to be separated from you. From the wicked foe, defend me. At the hour of my death, call me and bid me come to you That with your saints I may praise you For ever and ever. Amen.

Again my thoughts of Prayer and healing for all of you

It’s interesting you say this. There’s been a lot of bad things happening since I’ve again allowed myself to acknowledge that I may have a call to the priesthood. I unexpectedly lost an uncle I was close with, my grandma has just been diagnosed with cancer, and her mother (my great grandma) has been in the hospital in bed for a month all of a sudden even though she was fine when I visited her 3 days before she went in. I’m not sure what to think of all of this happening seemingly at once but I won’t let anything deter me; I hope you do the same. I suppose it’s just life. :shrug:

I wonder if I’m under spiritual attack at times though during adoration I got the message not to allow it to lead me astray. I also want to be married and for some reason also during adoration was given the idea that I’d be married in 8 years. I wonder if I go into the seminary now, by the time I’m ready to be ordained whether Pope Francis will allow married men to become priests. I think Pope Benedict XVI opened the door to such reforms with his retiring, the first Pope to do so in centuries. Well, centuries ago married men could become priests so why not? Perhaps I’ll go into the seminary and marry before becoming a permanent deacon, who knows? Not sure the FSSP would be thrilled about that! Or maybe what that meant is that in 8 years I’ll be married to the Church after my ordination. Of course it’s all up in the air.

Anyways, I also remember being afraid of being alone in the dark in my room though I don’t remember anything specific other than one occasion of for some reason being scared of the two closet doors and perhaps what I felt may be inside of them in my room. This may have just been common childish nonsense though supposedly children are more open to seeing such things as you described than adults. There’s plenty of my childhood memories I think I’ve blocked out of my mind, so perhaps things actually happened to me too and I just don’t remember. I’d rather not remember to be honest. I know bad things must have happened to me (I only have partial memories, not sure exactly what happened) when I was young but I just don’t know what. I cracked my head open at one point when I was young; perhaps that has something to do with why I can’t remember.

Thanks for that… that’s a powerful prayer!

First, I want to thank you for responding to my post. It has been almost 3 months since I have posted it and things have not really gotten better and I am growing weary. Not long after I posted my original post I went to confession and told my pastor that I may be called to the vocation of deliverance. I talked about what has happened with my family and about the “extraordinary” activity of the devil in our lives. I also told him I had resolved to go to confession every week. He acted like he was annoyed with me and ever since than he has avoided me. A couple of weeks ago I asked him if I could receive the anointing of the sick and his answer was, “for what?” I thought to myself *“because I asked for it that’s why!” *When I told him he more or less frowned at me. I waited about 30 minutes outside the sacristy for him to call me in and administer the sacrament but he never came out and continues to avoid me.

I was humiliated and hurt and I have not been to confession now in a month and I do not feel comfortable with him being my confessor. It has all been greatly discouraging to me and I get the feeling that he thinks I am deluded. Funny how they waste no time cashing my tithe checks. Not that I expect an special treatment but I do expect my spiritual needs to be met by my pastor. Instead I am ignored.


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