Castlevania on Netflix: A betrayal of source and crass Chruch bashing


For those who don’t know, the Castlevania series is an decades long Video Game franchise that revoled around the faithful Belmont Family and company against the unholy Dracula and his hoards.

Back then there was a rather positive view on the Church, Alucard was implied via his outfit a Catholic (he carried a Rosary and for recovery would go to churches in Symphony of The Night) and the Belmonts were given all the necessities of fighting the Devil’s henchmen

When I heard there was going to be an animated series on Netlfix I was stoked and excited, I was hoping like Blue Exorcist, Hellboy, and Constantine, the church would be seen as the Big Good again

Then it when I saw it, I was rather bitter about it, but kept it to myself because my friend who enjoyed it was showing to me

It was RIDDLED with anti-Catholic propaganda, “The Church hates science”, “Priests are Backstabbers” and Belmont is a bitter drunkard who swears and makes gentile jokes

Alucard is even worse being just as vulgar and outfit watered down into a smug degenerate when in the games he was a gentleman and a wise count

The violence I didn’t mind so much because well, its about fighting monsters, thats to be expected, but the execution was to do it in a way to justify crass sex jokes and The Church leaders as these pompous control freaks

The only redeeming thing I found about it was humanizing Dracula at the end and his breakdown and remorse of harming his son “My boy…I’m killing my boy…Lisa I’m killing our boy…” which makes it even more sad because this show could have had potential of how important the concepts of redemption, forgiveness, and compassion could be(Return of The Jedi anyone?)

It’s as horrible as how Dan Didio is melodramatizing the DC universe and how Marvel is politicizing everything in their comics


I’m still confused about the origin of the “Church hates science”. The games are fun, though.


Netflix betraying source material in order to bash the Church? Never happened! Another big disappointment.


Relevant (Disclaimer: I have not actually seen the Netflix series)


As for my own thoughts: I still need to see the Netflix series. I’ll judge the show itself then. I’m guessing I should know within the first couple episodes if I actually want to stick around with them.

In general, though, I’m not really sure a lot of the anime-styled Catholicism really is that great in general. Normally it seems to just be an aesthetic choice with any actual Christian teaching being coincidental. In Blue Demon’s case, I actually got tired of the show’s constant use of fan service, as an example of how these shows really aren’t Catholic despite aesthetic influences. Some are better than others, but it isn’t something that gets me excited for a good Christian story.

With all that said, I did like how Castlevania: Lords of Shadow presented itself. Yes, it was more Western in its style, but that game was perhaps a bit too obvious about its Christian themes. It wasn’t 100% accurate, but the general teaching was there, and if you didn’t pick up on it by the final boss, they made sure there was absolutely no doubt before the end of it that they were heavily drawing from Christian teaching.


Oldschool is the only way to go.


Amen, none of this politicized Dawkinite pandering


A head writer/producer needs to have an agenda. All it takes.



As far as I know it was John William Draper and Andrew Dickson White.


Honestly, aside from the whole Galileo Thing, most of the anti-science of Christianity comes from fundamentalist Protestants (if you read the works of prominent atheist scientists, they’re mostly objecting to things that fundamentalists say, but they pin it on the Catholic Church, showing how woefully inadequate their knowledge base is of the Church they’re bashing).

Funny enough, fundamentalists aren’t even very anti-science. They have a lot of anxiety over evolution and dinosaurs, but there’s a lot more to science than evolution and dinosaurs.

I’ve known devout fundamentalists in the health care fields who were deeply knowledgeable and excellent at their jobs.
You don’t need to believe in evolution in order to recusitate somebody or understand how medications are metabolized in the body.


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