Castration for SSA?


I’m afraid I might be suffering from SSA. The thought of naked men makes me fantasize about all sorts of things that are not appropriate for here. I haven’t masturbated yet because I’m afraid of committing a mortal sin, but would castration to avoid my feelings be worse? I read that is should reduce my sex drive and hopefully reduce my SSA. I don’t want to be married as I don’t think it is moral to marry someone if I might break up our marriage due to acting on SSA, so I’m not going to be having kids.


Yes, you are correct in thinking castration would be immoral.

Find a Catholic therapist near you, and seek out spiritual direction.

Also, look into Courage- it’s a Catholic apostalate for individuals with SSA.



Seem like your blowing this out of proportion, just what the devil wants you to do. Just because you had some temptations… join the club… Just continue to flee the temptation, prayer, the sacraments,you will be fine.


Castration would be a terrible sin that would result in the destruction of a part of your body: the temple of the holy ghost. You seem to have a very dysfunctional attitude to sexuality. Homosexuality is intrinsically disordered, but it neither reduces your humanity nor forces you to resort to such frankly horrendous means.

Incidentally, how old are you? Some thoughts of this sort may be a natural part of a developing sexuality, and do not necessarily indicate a permanent or exclusive homosexual attraction. It’s not the end of the world if they do.





Saint Joseph is a great ally in this battle.

Also, read/listen a book called The Spiritual Combat, by Lorenzo Scupoli


It’s good to know there are other people suffering from SSA here. How do you get SSA off your mind?


Ask around at your parish- you don’t have to say why- perhaps ask your pastor for a recommendation of a spiritual director and therapist.


Mutilation of your genitals is unlikely to change same sex attraction.

Also, mutilation is a grave sin.


Little snarky there, aren’t we?


Of course, you’re right. It’s just that, when one sees a post with such an unhealthy attitude towards God-given sexuality, his default reaction is to correct it. Only a counsellor can provide long-term help and support though.


I don’t have SAA, although maybe when I was a lot younger I may have had a temptation like this. I have my own different temptations to deal with this at this point in my life. Maybe this was just a short phase for you and nothing to worry about.


Don’t give the devil his opportunity. If one has such a thought or nasty temptation from the devil or oneself or the world reject it right away.


Castration for SSA is like crashing your car into the side of a mountain because the “check engine” light is on.

SSA IS NOT SINFUL. I do not have SSA, but I am attracted to members of the opposite sex. Attraction is not a sin, acting on it inappropriately is. Example: I am attracted to my spouse. I can do things about that with him. I am also attracted to Hugh Jackman. My options are limited to one: Thank God for his creations and move on and not hand my brain over to thoughts about someone I am not married to! :slight_smile: In short: Castration would be just as appropriate for a straight person as a person with SSA.

Also, it’s not guaranteed you’re gay based on these claims. Heterosexual people go through what you describe as sexuality really is a spectrum. Just because you may feel this way doesn’t mean you;ll never meet, fall in love with, and marry someone of the opposite gender, especially if you are young. If you are so disturbed by it that you think castration is a solution, speaking to a counselor would be a BIG help.

When it comes to withstanding temptation I’d give you the same advice I’d give myself or anyone else because we do have a one-size-fits-all solution: Jesus Christ. Run to him and make him the center of your life. Fall in love with God deeply and passionately and let him fill the desires of your heart and everything else, even our own sins and temptations, start to fade from view as he starts to heal our hearts. Mutilation, self-hatred, punishments, torments, even fasting (for the wrong reasons) cannot drive out the darkness in our hearts, only Jesus can and ONLY drawing closer to HIM and filling our hearts with love can drive it out. Whether you’re tempted by homosexuality, murder, lying, or fudging numbers on your taxes. It doesn’t matter.

Sending you lots of love in Christ. <3


I just need out these feelings are overwhelming.


Talk with a Priest and a Catholic therapist as well.


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