Castro daughter champions gay rights

A good start for Cuba!

Wow, this trend is spreading quick.

Sometimes I feel the world is subconsciously combating the idea that we are quickly going to be overpopulated by making it in vogue to be purposefully unable to have children.

This is one instance where it can be said that your feelings are wrong.

It’s not popular to BE gay, it’s (hopefully) becoming more popular to accept homosexuals for who they are.

My best friend is gay, my family had many gay friends when I was growing up. It didn’t TURN me gay, I never felt that I had or should pretend to be gay to be popular. I am simply more tolerant of a large group of people than I might have been had I been raised in an overtly religious household.

To you my feelings may seem wrong, but that doesn’t make them wrong.

It doesn’t matter that you are not gay even though you have many people around you who are. You are obviously not afflicted with that susceptibility, but others are.

I didn’t say it spreads like a cold.

[quote=the article]During the early days of the Cuban Revolution, gays were sent to forced labor camps for reeducation and rehabilitation. While the camps were not in use very long, gays were still labeled “ideological deviants.” According to the article, gay and lesbian sex was legalized 15 years ago, but police raids on gay events has persisted until recently.

So much for the idea of Cuba being a progressive country.

I wonder if there is much chance at her proposal being passed. It doesn’t seem very daring with regard to homosexual rights, at least in comparison to the US, but one of the transsexual provisions is eye-opening. Free Sexual Reassignment Surgery… I imagine that quite a number of Americans would consider becoming Cuban if the bill actually were passed and implemented. :o

Your feelings aren’t wrong because I say so, they’re wrong because there factually is no push to make homosexuality ‘vogue’.

Another incorrect statement. Homosexuality is at the genetic level.

You don’t have to worry. The Muslims are reproducing like rabbits.

Feelings are NEVER right or wrong, they are feelings.:mad:

Not true.

If you FEEL sad, yes, that’s an intangible feeling.

If, however, you FEEL like the sky is purple, it simply isn’t.

In this case, the FEELING that there is an agenda to turn people homosexual to be trendy is simply unwarranted.

No, it is true, FEELINGS are NEVER wrong! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.

What he is expressing is an OPINION. One you disagree with.

Some things are forever debatable, others are facts.

Again, one cannot hold the opinion that up is down. It simply, inarguably is not.

Just as there simply is not a group/force/organization that is desperately trying to make gay hip.

Feelings being right or wrong is not a debatable fact. They are neither right or wrong, they are feelings.

I’m pretty sure you don’t understand what constitutes a feeling. They are things like sadness, love, empathy and more.

Can one BELIEVE up is down? Yes. Can that BELIEF be wrong? Again yes.

People don’t “FEEL” that up is down.

On the contrary, we’re in agreement there. Those feelings are undefinable, intangible.

Again, it seems that we’re in agreement. A cultural push by people with a pro-homosexual agenda to make gay hip is not something one can assert as a feeling, because it isn’t debatable. There is no such group, period.

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