Castro Dead?


Some sites are saying that Castro is dead. An announcement is supposed to be made this afternoon from Miami. I’m not sure if this is true, has anybody heard anything?


Living in Miami myself,
let me assure you that the Cuban radio stations
announce Castro’s death nearly every day,
only to have to retract the announcement later.

The man is such a vicious monster who has caused the exile community so much intense pain that as soon as a rumor of his death starts, the Cuban radio stations pick up on it and announce it as if it were a fact.

One day the report will be true, and there will
be dancing in the streets of Little Havana and the
Southwest section of Miami-Dade County in general.



no, i haven’t heard anything.


I did a quick google search for it and only found where someone was talking about the rumors of him being dead. Nothing yet on any reputable sites.


Thread closed

Thank you to all who participated

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