Cat allergies.


DH and I are both cat lovers, having grown up around them as chilren, and want to adopt a kitten. DH has developed allergies, though, after several years of living without any pets. Has anyone here ever been able to get rid of pet allergies?


I did with dogs for the most part. The funny thing is also I’m HIGHLY allergic to cats, but it really depends on the season and other factors (which some I don’t know) as to my reaction. My in-laws have three cats, but sometimes I am fine with them and sometimes my eyes swell shut, my nose runs, and I can’t breathe. As far as dogs, I just have been around them enough so that I became immune to them.

Has he tried taking allergy meds or maybe talked to his doctor about shots? Those could both help and relieve symptoms completely if he’s not too allergic. I know several people who are allergic to cats but still have them as pets. It’s all what you’re willing to deal with. The other option would be to get a pet that is not a cat :).


I have a lot of allergies including my cats, every time one of my cats would sit on my chest I’d start a coughing fit. There is no way I’d get rid of my kitties so am trying Singulair for allergies/asthma and so far I’m getting about 90% relief from allergies. (p.s. NO side effects):smiley:


my eldest does allergy shots but before this he did Singulair with Zyertex…the combination of the TWO pills does wonders…but not enough wonders in his case hence allergy shots:(


My mom used to be severely allergic to cats (triggering near fatal asthma attacks) but can now have cats. I think it may have something to do with the total allegy load on your system.

There are “curly” haired breeds of cats (maybe called REX, but I’m not positive) that may be easier on allergic individuals.

My sister owns two Sphinx (hairless cats) that may also be a good choice. I used to think they were ugly, but their personalities are so “larger than life” that I now adore them!



No. My strong recommendation would be to not have cats at the present time, since I know someone who has an allergy to cats, whose husband insists on keeping them.

She takes medication every day, and she is very, very careful never to touch them, or to touch anything that they have touched without cleaning it first, but she has said to me that if her husband dies first, his cats will be buried with him.

Ultimately, your marriage and his good health is more important than the fun of having a kitten around the house.


There are products you bathe or wipe your cat with that can reduce the dander. Air purifiers might help.

Here’s something else as well:

Hope that helps. I haven’t tried any of these myself so can’t say if it works!



**THe stuff you use to wipe you cat works pretty well. I am not allergic but my SIL is so I know if she is coming over then i do it for a day or two ahead of time. ALso and this going to sound silly but i give him a good brushing and then vacum him:)

Trust me its a lot easier when they are a kitten:D **


you might consider a small dog! having dealt with both types extensively i’ve learned that the reason for cat allergies is their dander which is much more problematic than with dogs…cats lick themselves contstantly and the dried saliva/dander gets everywhere…that is what causes the allergic reactions…dogs do this much, much less and as a result people who are allergic to cats can handle dogs…there may be an enzyme or two in cats that trigger more reactions as well but a small dog (that doesn’t shed much like a westie, ie) is a good choice…otherwise you’ll have to medicate your spouse! good luck…


My daughter developed a severe allergy to cats. This happened after we got dogs and the cats decided not to live in the house any more. The children then started bringing the cats in the house periodically, which started to cause severe eye swelling on the part of my daughter, along with typical sinus symptoms. We kept some benedryl handy for these times.

As she handled the cats more and more, with benedryl as needed, her allergy spontaneously began to resolve. Since this time we’ve gotten two more cats who have grown up with the dogs and therefore like living inside the house. My daughter often sleeps with the cats with no symptoms.


What do they look like? I’ve never heard of them.


I grew up with a dog and then developed a dog allergy during my first pregnancy. We have lived dog free for the past 12 years. Lasy year we bought a puppy that is supposed to be a hypo-allergenic mixed breed. At first, I did have a reaction and was taking Claritin daily. Now, the effects are minimal and I rarely take allergy meds and notice my tolerance around other dogs is better. If you consult an allergist there is also a set of shots that can be administered to reduce sensitivity.


we always had cats growin up, and DD always had a cat. Until she moved out, her cat died, and we moved to an animal-free zone, I never realized how allergic I was. Life-long symptoms and struggles with sinus, ears, nose, skin etc. cleared up literally overnight. I read about a new breed of non-allergic cat, but it looks like a hairless chihauhau, not very attractive.


I grew up with cats and a dog… but developed severe allergies in college. Whenever I’d come home I’d end up coming down with a sinus infection from my immunity breakdown from sneezing the entire time I was home.

If you don’t want to take allergy medicaion every day of your life… then I highly suggest getting allergy shots. It builds up your own body’s immunity to the allergen.
I started allergy shots about 1 1/2 years ago… and it’s made an INCREDIBLE difference. It’s been quite an investment of time… going in for shots every single week… but I’m SO GLAD I started the shots. I can spend time at my parents without getting sick now! And some day I hope we can get a little puppy for my boys (my second son is in LOVE with animals).

After one year of shots you can definitely notice a major difference. The longer you continue to get shots, the longer your body will maintain that immunity throughout the rest of your life!


Do you or anyone else posting on this thread have any pictures or links to pictures of it?


I totally agree with you here. Even if allergies weren’t an issue, I’d never get a cat w/o his knowledge, if only because he’d be so bummed that he didn’t get to help pick it out! :slight_smile:

The sinus inflammation from his allergies gives him nasty migraines sometimes, though, and that’s a big problem. :frowning:

There are breeds of hypoallergenic cats out there (with fur and everything), but they cost over $3,000. :eek:


hairless cat: sphynx

cause of cat allergies



I grew up always thinking I was allergic to cats but found out that it was the dander overage on cats who were allowed to be outside. I now have 2 cats who are completely indoors and never go out and I am fine. I don’t even sniffle!

I would suggest getting a cat from a shelter or rescue and then giving it a bath with a dander removal shampoo. The bath isn’t fun but it will be worth it in the end.


I’ve known some people to greatly reduce cat-allergy reactions by bathing the cat once a week. Of course, bathing a cat isn’t for everyone, and not all cats will tolerate it. :smiley:

If you decide a dog would be better, allergy-wise, get a French Bulldog – they look something like a cat!


Like Fleshy the Cat in the daily comic strip, “Monty”.

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