Cat killer living with children who turned him in

A man killed a kitten after being accidently woken up by his girlfriend’s two sons. The children, desperate to save the kitten’s life tried to find a paramedic, and could not, so they went to the chief of police.

After being arrested and charged with animal cruelty, the news crew that went to his house saw him go back into the house, even though the police told them that his girlfriend kicked him out.

I am concerned for the safety of these boys. People that murder animals have the propensity to do more. There is also a baby in the household. Please pray that these children are not harmed.

It’s pathetic when humans take out their own anger/frustration on innocent sentient creatures. I don’t like to be judgmental since I don’t know their particular circumstances, but this family needs a decent father.

Yeah, what’s he going to do when the BABY wakes him up??? :eek:
I don’t get it, he’s 19, and his girlfriend has a 10 year old? How old is she? What kind of adult woman would date a 19 year old, (an obviously very immature 19 year old, at that!).

Where’s Zooey? I think she should pay him a visit…:mad:

In Christ,


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