Cat Stevens attacks the Pope


Here’s another one who misrepresents Papal infallibility.‘cat+stevens’&storyterm=‘pope+benedict’&maxstories=5&floc=NI-pop1

If you don’t remember, the former Cat Stevens also went on record agreeing with the death sentence issued on Salmon Rushdie.


I don’t know how people can fall out of Catholicism into Islam, especially when there are so many radical Muslims who have such strong and unrestrained beliefs about the United States.

How can one lose one’s love for Jesus Christ?

Why didn’t the reporter ask Mr. “Islam” about the attack on the world trade center on 9/11? Doesn’t that action and the death of all those people have an effect on Mr. “Islam”?

Did Mr. “Islam” have anything to say about the Pope’s full remarks, not taken out of context? or, about how that nun that was murdered or two churches firebombed in the Middle East?

Why is he so selective in his criticism?

Who is he to judge whether the Pope is infallible?


Lets not be too hard on Cat Stevens who converted to Islam.

He admits he did a lot of drugs in his heyday and this we all know can effect your brain. I’m sure he got mixed up in his thoughts somehow, and we need to pray for him.


If you’re inclined to convert to Islam, I don’t know why the views of radical Muslims should affect your intentions. Especially their views about something unrelated to faith, like a nation state.

Similarly, I hope few were deterred from becoming Catholic by Catholic terrorists in Northern Ireland.

[quote=Crumpy]Why didn’t the reporter ask Mr. “Islam” about the attack on the world trade center on 9/11?

It was hardly the topic of the interview. Plus, I think he has already spoken about that issue.

Who is he to judge whether the Pope is infallible?

We are all free to judge whether we believe in the pope’s infallibility. Whether such judgements are newsworthy is another issue…


I agree that former drug use can definitely be playing a role in his fuzzy thinking. He does need our prayers. But I confess, I find it so hard to pray with a pure heart for people that say things like this.



In this specific case, I always keep in mind that his drug use came prior to his conversion- therefore, in my mind it really was not “valid” since he may have lacked the proper thinking ability to make that choice and anything he has said in this matter may be his sense of duty to be sympathetic to his brothers in Islam that were very upset by all this recent stuff. So, that helps me to be sypatico here since I dont think he has his full thinking abilities.
And his statements are not going to infuence anyone who has thinking abilities.


Now I am glad they kicked him out of the US last time he tried to visit. We don’t want terrorist sympathizers in our country. The cat is out of the bag.




Poor Cat, got too stoned and fell off the peace train.:rolleyes:


Its easy how one can “lose ones love for Jesus Christ”. They package it for some christians has how they have MORE respect for Jesus than we do. NEver quite understood that, but without faith it is easy to see how someone who can’t believe in the supernatural very easily can find it easier to grasp their folly that Jesus was not God, not on the cross etc. So they say “we don’t make Jesus into something he’s not which is disrespectful”. I’ve had it tried on me when I didn’t know any better.


StMark, ever since you crazy orthodox were re-let loose on Catholic Answers since it came back from being hacked…I haven’t slept a wink! :slight_smile:


Ignorant opinions don’t count. It is clear from his quotes that Stevens never learned what the Church does and does not mean by “infallibility.”

I’d credit Steven’s unfortunate apostasy (because that’s what it is) to good ol’ '60s wishy-washy grade school “catechesis.” Baby boomer Catholics are, for the most part, walking wounded victims of “I’m OK, you’re OK, Jesus is Our Buddy” religious ed. They can make a mean banner, though.


I heard the Pope likes cats.



I would dare to say that if asked who Cat Stevens was to the present generation you would most likely get a blank stare.


Interesting wikipedia entry on the guy here:

[quote=Bruised Reed] I heard the Pope likes cats.


And cats usually like him, too. :smiley:


As far as I can tell, an infallible statement is one that seems reasonable and looks good in public documents.

A fallible statement is one that, no matter how much acceptance it received, is now embarrassing due to the shifting winds of public opinion.


Do you hate Catholicism now, Pro?


Fell off the “Peace Train” haha

This is growing a bit ridiculous, hm? I wonder what will come of the Pope’s meeting with the Muslim clerics. holds breath


I don’t know why he bothers, really. :frowning:


Pro Universal!

You never cared about the shifting winds of public opinion! At least be fair.
You are a very intelligent person and you know he meant no insult.
Will you educate that Cat Stevens for us? You know he is not that smart.
Come on.

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