Catechesis of an Adult


My brother was baptised into the Catholic Church when he was an infant. However, he never received the Eucharist or Reconciliation, he never went to church for that matter. I was baptised and entered into the Church as an adult. I now am a practicing Catholic and very informed and knowledgeable about our faith. My brother now wants to become a practicing Catholic and follow the faith he was baptised into. His fiancee is also Catholic and he wants to come back for her also. He has pretty much ZERO knowledge of the church and wanted to know what he had to do to take first communion and reconciliation. I told him he has to properly informed before he may receive communion and reconciliation so he understands the realities of what is happening. He wanted to know if I could teach him the basics of the Catholic faith so he can receive reconciliation and communion. I told him that I wasn't sure if I could or not. I have the knowledge to but I wasn't sure if I am allowed to or if he is suppose to talk to a priest or a religious education director. I told him that he would have to do some sort of thorough catechesis before confirmation but I wasn't sure if I could just teach him the basics for first reconciliation and communion. So that is my question, can I teach him the basics so he may receive these two sacraments or must he receive a formal education through a parish? The only relevant canon law references I found were these two that just emphasize proper catechesis, but these both are in reference to children.


Tell your brother to go to the rectory of the parish he lives in (you can help him locate this) and make an appointment to see a priest. The priest will tell him what he has to do and if it is available at that parish. That includes the degree to which you can help him in his religious studies.


Wouldn't RCIA be the way for him to gain this knowledge about the faith?


Since he is a baptized Catholic; he should see a priest regarding enrollment in a RCIA course to prepare him for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Comfirmation. I’m praying for him.


Agree with the above. Contact the parish first. RCIA would be a good idea....but of course most are already underway so individual study with yourself, his wife etc would also be useful.

Also - the book "Catholicism for Dummies" is often recommended here as a good and accurate basic text.



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