Catechetics forum

Many posters are involved in catechetics. Some questions related to this are not necessarily about morality or scripture. So we should start a catechetics forum for catechetical issues. Since this is such a serious part of Post vat II renewal.:slight_smile:

I agree.

I would also like to throw out the recommendation that more people become Marian Catechists.

Check them out here:

Someone must have heard you - here it is: :slight_smile:

(Tell them “jmcrae sent me.” :smiley: )

Thanks for this link it’s exactly what i had in mind.

My handle over there is Miles Mariae. :smiley:

Thanks for joining E.E.N.S! Anyone else want to hop on board?

Sounds great, but there is no way I could get to mass 3 times a week with my work schedule.

I just got two email invitations to join that group. Glad to hear you like it. I belong to another Catechist group that I just lurk on. They don’t allow discussion of doctrine, just things like classroom issues, crafts to use etc. :confused: Catechist Connection sounds better. I’ll hop on over.

I hate to sound biased, but Catechist Connection is better! :smiley:

We allow discussion on doctrine whether it has direct bearing on your job as a Catechist or not. the forum is wide open for discussion and as long as it it isn’t anything of an un-Christian natur or against what the Catholic church teaches. Say whatever you want to say at CC. As long as my members are happy discussing whatever they discuss that’s all that really matters.

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