Do you think that the catholic charismatic movement through its prayer groups and retreat centres have contributed to the faith formation of the adults (catechesis) in the roman catholic church?.. which are some of the specific areas of adult faith life in the church influenced by this movement?

thank you

Yes, in that members of the Charismatic movement become very interested in their Catholic faith, and are eager to participate in Bible studies, go to Mass frequently, and participate in the Sacraments. Because their hearts are open to learning, they easily find the many treasures of the Church that so many others miss and walk right past, so, yes, they do become better catechized than other Catholics, quite often. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I am answering OP’s question, which I am taking at face value, but at least here it seems that a large number of people involved in catechetical ministry have been formed or strengthened through the Catholic Charistmatic Renewal, which appears to have been very strong here 15 or so years ago. There are still a few parishes which are characteristically “charismatic” in their worship style, spirituality, the priest, the lay leadership, but those who have that bent or way of praying seem to be represented among our catechetical leaders out of proportion to the small number of those parishes. It may be just the age group, but it is true.

in general the fruit of the movement as a parish or other group goes through that experience seems first an increased desire to give any type of service to the Church, and an increased desire to learn more, to have authentic teaching, to reject what may have been “wishy washy” weak, inaccurate, fuzzy teaching received in the past and replace it with strong, orthodox sources, study, presentations ,courses, books etc.

It is sad but true that I have found not all those in parish catechetical ministry leadership have a good foundation in the faith, nor do they live and teach always in tune with the bishop and with Church teaching in general. But at least here and in my former diocese those who have been part of the CCR or still consider themselves charismatic are reliable, orthodox and strong Catholics in their lived faith and in what they teach. I am quite sure there are exceptions, but it is true for those I know of here.

it has just come to mind that there has been a recent influx of prayer groups, priests, and lay people who are strongly involved in Catholic charismatic worship from among two ethnic groups that are growing quickly here. In both cases, at least the people I know and work with in catechetical ministry, are very strong, orthodox Catholics, as well as fervent in their devotion to and reliance on the Holy Spirit. Maybe this is a trait that is part of their ethnic Catholic heritage or their families or country of origin, but it is certainly demonstrable that they are great catechists and lay leaders in the local churches, and utterly reliable in what they teach.

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