Catechism Apologetics Cheat-sheet

One thing I’m involved in on a parish level is Adult Education. Sometimes it’s something formal like RCIA or Adult Confirmation or presenting a pre-packaged series like I’m doing right now (Fr. Robert Barron’s *Catholicism *series). Sometimes I’m asked to create and present a series of Bible studies or apologetics classes. Whatever I teach or get involved with, I always stress one thing to students: Whenever you take any kind of class or other situation where the Faith is going to be discussed, you should ALWAYS bring a Catholic Bible and a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. That way, when disputes rise about Church teaching (and they inevitably will), at least one person will have authoritative resources to be able to answer most questions that come up. Otherwise, it becomes a case of “The Church teaches this/No, it doesn’t” or the blind leading the blind.

To that end, I’ve been working on something of an “apologetics cheat-sheet” styled somewhat upon the popular and very helpful Bible cheat-sheets. I’ve included references to places in the Catechism that answer commonly asked or misunderstood (even by Catholics) teachings of the Church. When someone asks, “What does the Church teach about this or that?”, this can be a quick authoritative go-to source. It is also useful for answering those types of charges where anti-Catholics might say that the Church teaches something that the Church plainly does not (like Catholic believe the Pope is perfect, or we worship Mary, or we think we have to work our way into heaven, etc. etc., etc.).

Anyway, here is what I have so far (below). If you know of any other sections of the Catechism that directly address commonly asked questions or misunderstandings about the Catholic Church, please feel free to add them.

Subject Section

Abortion, Always wrong: 2270–2275
Adam, as a Type of Jesus: 385 (fall); 538—540; 566
Agnosticism: 2127—2128
Animals in God’s Plan: 2416—2418
Baptism, Necessity Of: 1257—1261
Capital Punishment: 2266—2267
Church, One Holy and Apostolic: 866-870
Creation, Not random chance: 286
Creation, The question of origins: 286
Creation, Purpose of: 294
Creation, Sustained by God: 301
Cremation: 2301
Confession, History/Development: 1447
Conscience, Must be informed: 1790—1794
Drug Abuse/Dealing: 2291
End Times: 675—677
Eternal Destiny, When Determined: 1013; 1021; 1041
Euthanasia: 2276—2276
Evil, Doing for a good intention: 1750—1754
Evil, Why God Allows It: 2539
Ex Cathedra/Ordinary Teaching: 891—892
Faith, Necessity for salvation: 161
Fall of Man, Why God Didn’t Prevent: 412
Hell, Eternity of: 1035
Laws, Unjust: 1903; 2242
Liturgy, Words Not to be Tampered With: 1125
Marriage, as a Ministry: 1533
Mary, Proper devotion to: 970—971
Mary, Ever-Virgin: 499
Mary’s “other children”: 500
Mary, without sin: 411
Mary, as the “New Eve”: 411
Mary, as a secondary mediator: 2764
Mass, Antiquity of: 1345
Mass as a Perpetuation of Calvary: 1184
“Outside the Church No Salvation”: 846
Parents as Primary Educators: 2221
People More Important than Things: 1912
Precepts of the Church: 2041
Reincarnation: 1013
Scripture, canon: 120; 138
Scripture, No Sola Scriptura: 108
Suicide: 2280–2283
Ten Commandments: page 551
War, Conditions for a Just War: 2309

Great idea!!
One I always seem to be looking up is our right to self-defense and duty to protect those in our care.

This is a great resource. Thank you for taking the time to put this together.

Thanks for the info.

Thank you for this. Great job. It helps to have something like this instead of having to flip through the index in a hurried manner.


This is so usefull, thankyou for taking the time to post it :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:

Incidentally, if you copy and paste these, they’ll all easily fit on a one page double-columned Word Document that can be folded in half and kept inside your favorite copy of the Catechism. :slight_smile:

Great idea. Thanks so much. How about one on Purgatory # 1030-1032?

That’s a good one! Especially since in the referenced footnotes, it gives very useful Scripture citations to reinforce the teaching. Thanks.

Keep 'em coming! :slight_smile:

Good point! I just added this to mine:

Self-defense, legitimate: 2263–2265

Luz Maria

Not exactly what you were asking, but you may find the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church useful as well. It is only about 15% the size of the CCC, but organized the same way.

Good Job,
I would suggest considering adding

Bible Interpretation 112-119
Catholic Church is Unique 816, 827
CC is Infallible 889-890
Church Necessary for Salvation – Correct understanding 846-848
Evangelization Duty 1285 Also see Companion to CCC 850-905
Judgment, Final 1059
Mary New Eve [add] 494 -Early Father quote of St. Irenaeus.
Mary doctrines show power of God 487, 970
Pope supreme earthly head 883, 551-553, 862
Sacraments Instituted by Christ 1114, 1210

i hope these help,

Thanks John! I’ll look these up and add them to my list. :slight_smile:

Here is one more to consider adding,

Mass - Liturgy (no longer just the work of the people) CCC 1067-1070

Great stuff, Fidelis! :thumbsup:

Thanks for sharing this.

Mary, Ave Maria - 2676-2677
Statues,Pictures - 2129-2132

Here is a cheat sheet from EWTN on the Bible.

Thanks for the link,
Most look pretty good.
Some are weak , and could use improvement.

How does a person contact Christopher Wong and suggest improvements ?

For example :
“2 Sam 6:23, Gen 8:7, Dt 34:6 … “until.”

Nothing wrong with this, but it is unnecessarily weak

All citations are from the Old Testament.
The Protestant will counter,
“That is irrelevant. The question is what does the
The Greek word for until, “heos hou,” mean.”

You can counter and say you are using the Greek Septuagint.
But then the Protestant will counter,
“Well, that just proves the Septuagint translators didn’t know what they were doing.”

It is much easier to use New Testament quotes.

Other improvements could be made as well.


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