Catechism Artist (Cover)?

I really love the style the artwork on the cover of the CCC is done in.

Can someone tell me who the artist is, and also where I can find digital images like this that I can download? Also a larger size image shown on the cover would be nice!

Which edition?

The first edition:

The second, revised edition:

Or something else?

The first one (with Jesus washing feet)

Here’s the citation from the inside cover:

“Jesus Washing the Disciples’ Feet,” Psalter of Ingeburg of Denmark (thirteenth century). Chantilly, Musée Condé. Giraudon/Art Resource, New York.

Chantilly, Musée Condé appears to be the museum in France where this work is located, and the Psalter of Ingeburg of Denmark is the book it’s in.

I did a google image search for Psalter of Ingeburg of Denmark and came up with one similar piece of art:

It seems that an alternate spelling is Psalter of Ingeborg. If you do a google image search for Psalter of Ingeborg, you get more results.

It looks like the University of Arizona has a little background info on the book, as well as another picture.

I also came across this site that has a few more images.

I still haven’t come across a .jpg of that exact piece from the CCC cover. It may yet be out there. Happy hunting! :wink:

Thanks very much that set me in the right direction.

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