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I’m in ccd to receive confirmation and first communion, confession etc. I was baptized as a protestant in trinitarian formula. What religion am I considered?


Are you in RCIA ?


im in CCD


The term ‘being in R.C.I.A.’ is inaccurate.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults properly only refers to the rites that the Church uses in the conversion process.

We attend classes to learn about Catholicism and the Church (or in the OP’s terms CCD) during that process.

Why is it that we never hear of someone doing baptismal preparation classes or marriage preparation as being in ‘Baptismal Rite’ or in ‘Marriage Rite’? How did did this ‘being in RCIA’ originate?


OP stated she was baptised in a protestant church so is presumably entering the Catholic Church.

The usual understanding of RCIA is indeed the process of conversion and usually most Candidates/Catechumens receive their Catholic education during this process which has become known , probably inaccurately , as being in / attending RCIA


If you were baptized protestant, and attending classes to recieve the sacraments, I would off the cuff say you are mainline protestant with an intent to enter fully into the Catholic Church. Not getting into debates over terms, your parish’s RCIA program would most likely ve the best way to go about doing this, assuming of course that you are an adult.


You are a Christian. You are studying the catechism in the process of your conversion to the Catholic Faith within the Christian religion.
For clarification, if you were Baptist, you would be a Christian of the Baptist Faith. If Methodist of the Methodist Faith. We may be of different faith denominations, but Catholics, along with our separated brothers and sisters are all members of the one Christian religion.


I have told so many people I was Catholic, i regret that now and will continue calling myself Protestant :slight_smile:


In my experience “being in RCIA” is accepted shorthand for “being in the RCIA program,” and I have never encountered a parish who does not refer to this is just those words. There are also the “RCIA team,” and even, possibly to your horror, “RCIA classes.”


You are not a catechumen. That refers to someone who has not been baptized. You would properly be a candidate for reception into full communion.


Okay, is it true Candidates are considered Catholic just not in full communion?


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