Catechism editions

What is the difference between the first and second editions of the CCC. Is there any actual rewording of any of the sections?

From way back in my school years, I seem to recall being told to use one version and not the other. I cannot recall why.

Yes! One case was about the concept of telling the truth and telling only to whomever has the right to it. I do not remember the paragraph. Overall I would say that there were no fundamental changes, at least from the way I use it.

I have both the earlier paperback $9

and the 2nd edition

My earlier paperback already had 15-20 pages of word or text revisions listed in the back.

some minor clarifications, word changes, and paragraph reordering. the entire series of changes was reproduced on a couple of printed pages as an addendum to the first edition. a lot of those changes were corrections or amplifications of footnotes and references, not textual changes

I didn’t see any significant changes; so still use the original.

if you are going to be teaching, catechising or researching and writing from your catechism by a new edition. If it is for personal use no need to spend the money.

The latest and official version of the Catechism is the one with the green cover.

Also online at


The article at says the reason for the Second Edition is the publication of the official Latin edition. It also has this link: which gives a listing of the changes that were made.

Here is the definite list of the changes

less than 100 usually light changes out of almost 3000 paragraphs.

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