Catechism in Bulgarian sought

Odd request I know, but today I met a lady who is from Bulgaria, speaks German but can’t read it. I gave her a Miraculous Medal and she said people come to visit her and talk about God. One look at the sample literature told me it was the Jehovah’s witnesses (!!)

She said she has been seeking God for a few months now, wants to know Him more and more but impossible to find Bulgarian Bible (this is true). She is not baptized.

Anyway, just had a search, there is one supplier in Bulgaria but the website is not secure and I have a bad mental image of many businesses in Bulgaria being in the hands of shady characters… so I’m unwilling to give credit card details.

Can anyone help? It’s a longshot I know.

btw I know the IBSN number is 954-90694-2-7 but can’t find a seller outside Bulgaria

cheers, seanie

To clarify, I’m looking for the catechism. But if anyone knows where to get a Bulgarian Bible, that would help greatly too.

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