Catechism of the Catholic Church AUDIO where can i find it?

i started reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church but i am really struggling to understand!! do to the fact i’ve never been much of a reader so most of the time i’m sounding out words. i would really really like to find an audio version that i can stick on my ipod and listen too. its a big goal of mine to get the whole thing done! if you know of where i can get it please please please tell me! i would appreciate it so very much!!

It is available here in MP3 but the site appears to be down temporarily, or at least it say, “The website will be back online soon.”.

This parish has an audio “Family Catechism” which looks good.

I’ve read the Catechism cover to cover twice, working on my third time around…

Father John Corapi gave a 50 hour seminar on the Catechism that is available on audio CD & it is fantastic! He is an incredible evangelist!

It’s a little spendy, at $199, but worth every penny!

**It is on EWTN TV every Monday at 8pm EST find it on the internet here; (Go to Multimedia/ Live TV

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