Catechism of the Catholic Church for iPhone

Is there a catechism for iPhone? I have searched, but not found anything. Thoughts?


Not sure if this counts…

If it’s not available, I’m sure it will be soon. I am able to view it online on my Droid at:

I think there was one, but when the users got to the section on hell, the I-phones burst into flames.

I hope no one got hurt, but it is funny. Oh my, I just remembered we just bought (5) iPhone 4’s for my family.:eek:

That is what I have been doing as well.

The app you listed appears to be protestant in nature, but thanks for looking!

Thanks for catching that.

For those interested in Catholic Bible study on the iPhone or iPod Touch, there is a very real possibility of getting the best Bible Study app on the iPhone/iPod (Mantis Bible Study) to make the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible (By Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch) available on their software. Its in the works but what we need now is for Catholics and/or Eastern Orthodox Christians to voice interest in possibly buying it if they were to make it available. I’ve spoken to both Ignatius Press and Mantis Bible Company and what we need is a display of interest (obviously they need to know that someone other than your’s truly is going to buy it.)

I’ve posted all the details on this thread in the “popular media” section of the CA Forums.
Or you can just head straight to the Mantis Website’s forums, read my recommendation and post a reply voicing interest (only if its genuine interest in possibly buying it if it comes available). That recommendation is here

Here are those URLs in case the links don’t work:

The details on the Catholic Answers Forums:

The recommendation on the Mantis Bible Study website:

I also plan on presenting a detailied recommendation of the Catechism in the near future.

Please consider taking the time to help with this.

Logos Bible Software has produced new Catechism Software. It’s super sweet and it works on iPad and iPhone and iPod touch.

What have you guys settled on, and how does it compare?

Yep, some non-Catholic denominations use the word “catechism”, too.

I am not sure about the differences between the various versions of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. But here is a couple iPhone apps

Catechism of the Catholic Church
by United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Compendium • Catechism of the Catholic Church
By Surgeworks, Inc.

There are many useful apps for church workers that allow users to read the Bible on an iPhone device. Laudate is most comprehensive Catholic App, available in various languages. The app has features like Stations of the Cross, Saint of the Day, Catechism of The Catholic Church, Sacrament of Reconciliation apart from other prayers and in Latin, along withwith English translation.

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