Catechism on the Vatican website?

I cannot just go to and directly locate the Catechism. But the site is so vast…

If I Google search for articles on the Vatican’s website, I invariably get URLs like this:


That URL contains the word “archive.” Twice.

Which makes me wonder if I’m seeing the “latest and greatest” version.

Does anyone know where a “non-archive” version resides on the Vatican’s vast website? The path:

*]English version -
*]“Resource Library” or “Archive” -
*]“Catechism of the Catholic Church” in many languages -
*]English version of the Catechism -
The main difference seems to be that “archive of an archive” has been divided into less pages…

Also here:

This one is searchable which is a great help to Catholics trying to find a specific passage.

The USCCB also has the complete Catechism online at:

Wow, the USCCB also made it searchable. Very nice!

As perverse as it is, the link you posted above (with “archive” in in it twice) is the official edition of the CCC (1997) as you can tell from the dates and the inclusion of the Apostolic Letter publishing the CCC. Here is the front page:

Here is a list of changes between the 2 editions:

The CCC you can access via the front page of the Vatican website is in fact the prior “draft” edition (1993). It is not aligned with the official Latin text. I have tried to contact the Vatican Publishing house and some others to point our their error - no response.

Here David.
USCCB Catechism
Catechism of the Catholic Church
Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church
Searchable Catechism of the Catholic Church

Thanks, Michael. However, I have a particular reason for discovering the CCC on the Vatican’s website, and not the USCCB or the website.

The CCC is widely cited here, but often is not cited very well. Typically the text is simply cut-and-pasted, which looses ALL of the original formatting (boldface, italics, superscript, etc). I have NEVER seen a citation that included the relevant footnotes (other than the ones I have posted).

I’m a computer programmer, and (as a hobby exercise) I am working on a program that will suck HTML from the Vatican’s website and convert it to BBCode (which is the markup language used on this V-Bulletin forum). I plan to eventually make this available to anyone who wishes to more faithfully cite the Catechism on a V-Bulletin system.

You can see some of my early efforts in the CAF Sandbox, which is my test forum for my program.

The USCCB exerts copyright protection over its entire website, which includes the CCC that it posts. However, the USCCB does not “own” the rights to the English-language CCC (they own these rights to the English NAB, but not to the English CCC). The CCC is “owned” by the Vatican, which exerts no such copyright claim. The USCCB may restrict the use of the text of the CCC which is posted on its own website, but it may not restrict the use of text posted on websites beyond its sphere of control (such as the Vatican).

So my program uses the Vatican CCC and ONLY the Vatican CCC. But I am bothered by the fact that the “official” Vatican CCC (in English) has that pesky word “archive” in the URL.

A greater bother ought be that those who publish material on the CCC provide a link, from the front page of the Vatican web site, to an out of date edition. And further, there is no obvious means to contact those responsible.

Eek! But then, we’d spend a half-dozen posts each thread, explaining what ‘boldface’, ‘italics’, etc, each imply in the CCC!

I have NEVER seen a citation that included the relevant footnotes (other than the ones I have posted).

The footnotes themselves, or just the footnote numbers in the body of the text? Those numbers look horrible (“they’re something like(29) this, and they(30) are really ugly!”), and I always just delete them from the quotes that I provide…

(Woops…maybe this should have gone here).

Awesome! :thumbsup:

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