"Catechism with Fr. Corapi" podcast




must be old; father corapi has slipped beneath the waves


A priest who’s been removed from ministry…


A sentence on the web page reads:

Fr. Corapi is presently convalescing at home with his order.


i think father corapi is more or less in the same status as archbishop mcccarrick;

still a priest;

but clostered


The whole situation around Fr. Corapi is really something quite mysterious.


NCR and others have:

“Father Corapi, a priest of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT), was removed from public ministry by his order while it investigated allegations of misconduct leveled by one of his former employees.”


And tragic.
His sermons helped me through a very dark time in my life. He’s helped and inspired a lot of people.
Whatever it is he’s going through, I pray for his salvation.


yes, father corapi’s homilies were very compelling

something went haywire


i don’t think it is all that “mysterious”


How about ‘weird’ or ‘tragic’ or ‘unfortunate.’?


all of those terms apply


It’s really quite simple. He had a different arrangement than the rest of the members of his Order. They wanted him to abide by the arrangement everyone had. When he refused, rumors were spread about him. He left public ministry altogether after spending a year as the Black Sheep Dog.


i don’t think it is quite that simple

father c received a lot of money from a law suit settlement; and i mean “A BOATLOAD”

what he was supposed to do with regards to his priestly order in regards to his windfall; i do not know

father c purchased a ranch in the wilds of montana and lived on his own ; hired some female “help” ; it went down hill from there

i am not spreading scandal; this is all public info


I’m going on what Fr Corapi himself said about the situation on his website.


does father c have a current website other than the “black sheepdog” nonsense which last i checked no longer exists?

please provide a link


Not that I know of. I keep searching in hopes that he’ll create a new one. I wish he would return to public ministry. He’s helped so many people come to Christ and to come home to the Catholic Church.


Fr. Corapi’s sermons are extremely excellent and everyone should watch his videos. They are very instructive in the faith. Whatever happened to him in recent years is irrelevant to the quality of his sermons before that happened. They remain an excellent source to help people grow in their faith. I highly recommend them. I understand that many are on You Tube now.


He like all of us is human and has his own personal issues. Because he was so much in the spotlight, well loved and enthusiastically followed by many when his life took a detour it was public and not private. The Church and his Order are the ones who have the final say in what he does as a Catholic Priest. He had to make his choice of who he will follow. I pray for him because he did help many to come into the Catholic Church and to find their Catholic Faith but it shouldn’t be about Father Corapi at all. It should always be Jesus that we have our focus on and Jesus alone.


His sermons got me back into practicing my faith - my reversion began after hearing something he said in one of his sermons - I think it was when he said “we [the Catholic church] don’t wear hair shirts any more - but you may be sitting next to your hair shirt” or something like that I laughed so hard that I’d tune in every day to his talks, which started my return to the faith.

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