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Father Corapi has been reestablished in his order. All the rumors of the past are just that. Some matters are rightly protected to avoid those who feed on the worst speculation they can come up with. It is understood that his good works have and are continuing. It is his decision to remain free of appearances.


You claim you are not spreading scandal, but your posts are not kind.


Do you have a source for this information?


That shouldn’t be the case. Accusations against Corapi occurred based on generally ordered actions (though not for a celibate vowed priest or unmarried etc.) whereas McCarrick’s accusations could in no way be described that way in any situation. Despite this Corapi was outed controversially and quickly (probably due to his vocality against the very people who did the very things that actually deserve the fate he himself has received, or worse) and it seems it is wished nearly universally that he were still around whereas McCarrick may likely have been going on as he was had things not heated up, and of course everyone except his ilk is glad he’s gone. It is all pretty eye opening.


I may not understand when you said “and of course everyone except his ilk is glad he’s gone. It is all pretty eye opening”. Are you putting Fr. Corapi in the same basket? I will defend him if you are. His state of reconciliation
deserves the protection of Confession - and outside the Confessional those who were taught and prayed with him, know his circumstances were not at all hiding pedophilia. So if you would please, clarify? :thinking:


The poster is referring to McCarrick, not Fr. Corapi.


Still waiting for a source for the above info, @grotto.


Thanks for clearing that up for me. :grinning:


There is a very popular song by the Rolling Stones: “You Don’t Always Get What You Want”! I like it.


So you can’t prove your claim. Doesn’t surprise me. I didn’t think you could.


“You’re not the boss of me!” :smiley:


So, you admit that your claim about John Corapi and his order has no source?


It makes me sad and a little angry when I read pleas on the Internet from Corapi’s fans urging him to “come back”. If he really cared about them, why would he keep silent for over seven years and leave them twisting in the wind? He also made numerous claims about his life that were never verified by anyone else, so how are we to know we was telling the truth about his military service, his going from a wealthy playboy to a homeless drug addict, etc?


If I have a source for what I comment on, why should I be badgered into sharing it with anyone who is demanding. I don’t answer demands. Its not in my rules!


Why make the claim that he has returned to the priesthood if you aren’t willing to cite the source of your information? It’s only natural that those in this thread would wish to know where you got your information. It’s not badgering. It’s curiosity.


Actually, I am protecting his privacy!!


I doubt that very much. If you were so concerned about his privacy, you wouldn’t have said a word about it. That is what protecting someone’s privacy means.


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