Is there a “best” edition of the Catechism?
Are they the same, word for word?
Any opinions on the best, if not?

I have an Evangelical friend about to jump in the Tiber, but is still on shore….

There should be only one authorised translation for your country.

There is a revised edition but the older edition should not be available as a new book.

It is intended for teachers and authors of local or target group specific compendiums or catechism Ms like the Compendium of Catholic Doctrine or YouCat.

If you or your friend are the intellectual title who enjoy dense textbooks it may be useful to own but it’s also available online for free on as plain HTML and the USCCB website has a very good interface online for free or sell ebook versions for offline use on your ereader.
If not it may be overly daunting.

Here is a link to an online version, if you are interested.

God bless.



Compendium of CCC:

My personal favorite is the Baltimore Catechism, but I wouldn’t say it is better OE worse than any others. :slight_smile:

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