Does anyone use this program Or does anyone have advice on good materials to use to use with my children (middle school, grade school, and pre-school) at home? Religious education at my parish leaves much to be desired.


It looks like an awesome program and I have heard that it is, but the only person I know who actually uses it has had nothing but problems with it - paying the fees, having password problems, not being able to access the materials, etc… He’s contacted them several times and they just can’t get it straightened out. :confused:


we have had no problems with the few families who elect to use it, in lieu of regular CCD, we have a parish license number and password, the family logs on and is billed a reduced rate, depending on how many users they have. only two families have actually completed any of the courses. It has been my experience that unless a family is already dedicated to home schooling they will not have the discipline to stick to a homeschool CCD option.


the simplest option is to purchase their textbooks from the parish, as long as they are approved, so you are teaching in sequence with the curriculum prescribed by the diocese, and fill in deficiencies with your own or other resources. first take steps to find out from the pastor what you have to do to have this “count” and especially what are the requirements for sacramental prep. in this diocese, even when you homeschool you will still be required to attend the parent/candidate meetings for each sacrament.


I almost signed up but the price put me off. I filled out all the forms but didn’t do the final “go”. A few weeks later they offered a compelling discount for signing up.

So if the price is putting you off, maybe they still offer incentives to attract people they have an email address for but are not members.

I never did sign up. Cheap skate.


I would avoid the program until you find out more about the CEO who wrote the program, Shannon Jones. She has written a very attacking article against a holy priest who is a regular on Catholic Answers. I have concerns about her.


I don’t know anything about the website, but I am using the Teen Timeline Bible Study with our 11 and 12 year olds. It’s going really well. We’re on week 4 of an 8 week program. They go to a great Catholic school so maybe that is why they are able to get through a teen program, I am not sure. I think the program would also be great for older kids. There are some questions I don’t go over because of their ages. I am doing this because I am not sure that our kids can go to the Catholic high school in our area. It’s in another town and we have 7 kids. I feel like I will either neglect the little ones when these two get into high school or I will not keep close enough watch on the kids in HS. I want to know if it is ridiculous to think I can homeschool CCD. So far, so good.

If I had to homeschool gradeschool children I would definitely go with the Faith and Life series that is so highly recommended on this site and everywhere else I have looked. Our CCD program leaves much to be desired as well and the books are a big part of the problem. (They “use” the same books at the school, too, but the teachers are CLEARLY “not using” the books…).



I am the new President and CEO of I want to point out that the new link is Shannon Jones is no longer in charge of the company.

I am confident that with the new website design and the new conservative and traditional Catholic content will be a huge improvement.

The company now offers a wide variety of materials for catechesis including the following:

Here is a link to see the children’s programs that we have:
Here is a link to our Sacramental Preparation Programs:
Here is a link to our marriage preparation program:
Here is a link to our Catholic Book Summaries:
Here is a link to our Adult Program (which functions as both the RCIA program as well as the Teacher’s Edition for catechists and parents to use with a child’s series):

We now have a 100% guarantee that we will offer our products to any homeschooling family, parish, or other group at a price cheaper than they are paying now. We strongly believe in our material and wish to offer them to all parishes/groups, even those unable to pay the unit price. All you have to do is show me a past invoice from your current provider of catechism material and I will beat that price!

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the new site.


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