Hi. I have read recently that there are two editions of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Were they Pope approved by John Paul II, or just the second one. Thanks

Both were approved by John Paul II in different years. We should use the second edition, although there are only minor differences. The Catechism was first published in French or German, from which the first English edition was translated. The official Latin text was approved in 1997, and a second English edition was translated from that.

There are a fairly large number of mostly minor changes from 1st edition to the 2nd, and a small number of changes that could not be called merely “editorial”.

This lists all the changes, but does not necessarily expose the actual 1st Ed text.

I am unaware of any on-line source for the 1st Edition.

A pet “annoyance” of mine is that the Vatican website itself provides 2 variants of the (English) Catechism, ostensibly both 2nd Edition, but they are not the same. :shrug:

This is the (correct) 2nd Edition:

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