Catechist Resources (high school activities)

Walking into these forums makes me feel like a hobbit seeing the halls of Moria for the first time, being excited but not knowing where to go!

If ya’ll could, please post resources for activities that can be used in a high school catechism setting. They may include other posts from the CA forums.

Activities for 2 hour Confirmation classes discussing these topics:

Social Justice

Resources for other topics other than the ones mentioned above would be appreciated as well.

Thank you very much for your trouble.

With Fatih, Hope, and Charity,

Here’s a blog from a Catechist,maybe(if not please pardon me) it could help,

Also check out the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops they might have some resources.

Also,try Catholic Culture,ETWN (Eternal Word Television Network)and Fish Eaters (be wary and prudent though of this site though) websites as well as some tracts here on Catholic Answers. I know they’re not exactly aimed for teens but they can function as starting points and possibly help as a supplement for curriculum and information.

And here’s a list that could also help(again pardon me if I don’t help)

I would suggest you start with your diocesan office of catechesis and the website of the textbook you use in your program.

1ke, I’ll check the diocese but when it comes to the text, there is none.
We have access to a text, but I’ve chosen not to use it. The Youth Minister has given me a list of topics to go over which are covered in the text, but I find it less sterile to be without it.
It’s the activities that gets them engaged the most, especially when they are tied to the lesson and not just some funky ice-breaker (though they definitely have their merits).

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