Catechists and teachers in Catholic schools: is their knowledge of the faith ever tested?


Catechists and teachers in Catholic schools: is their knowledge of the faith ever tested?

Do they have to make some sort of profession of faith indicating fealty to Church teaching?

Just curious.


Religious Education is the purview of the Bishop. Therefore, each diocese would have their own requirements, standards, and procedures.

In general, a teacher in a Catholic school teaching a religion course would have a degree in religion (theology, etc) and would be a Catholic.

In general, teachers in a Catholic school teaching other than religion are certified in their field and may or may not be Catholics.

Catechists in parish CCD programs are typically volunteers, they may or may not have a background or formal training in religion. Most parishes require paid DRE positions to have a degree in religion, maybe even a Master’s. Most diocese have a catechist certification program and required continuing education hours in religion for the parish volunteer catechists. Ours, for example, requires certification at a basic (40 hours) and then advanced level (60 additional hours), and then 6 hours per year continuing. The certification materials are diocesan curriculum.



Well, 1ke gave you the answer. I’m not sure I can expand on it other than to say that’s the way it is. It really does depend on the diocese. I know some dioceses who have it in the contracts of the Catholic school teachers that they must be a practicing Catholic in good standing. Thus, if a teacher decided to move in with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend, it would be grounds for termination. Not every diocese is like that, though.

In my diocese, all the Catholic school teachers are expected to go through catechist certification regardless of whether or not they teach religion specifically. Of course, then it falls to the individual principal and pastoral administrator as to whether this expectation is turned into a requirement.


Catechist training in my current diocese begins with Protecting God’s Children. Each catechist undergoes a criminal background check and needs to maintain certification in how to recognize and protect children against abuse.
There is also periodic training leading to certification. Level 1 certification requires two character references. The DRE, not the catechist, will select who writes these.


not really. it is up to the clergy in charge to see to it that the person is qualified, but a going trend nowadays is to employ volunteers who have little training because they’re cheeper than someone wit ha master’s degree. actually, i’ve been told that formal theological education is lower on the list. people skills and dedication are usually more highly valued. if the person in question is worth thier salt, though, you’ll know it.


Almost forgot: it is nearly impossible to formally train every volunteer catechist as well as they could be. thier families come first (as they should) in regards to thier time and energy.


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