Catena Aurea


A while back there was a site that contained the catena aurea. It was the NT commentary by the Church Fathers. I have since lost the site. Is it still out there and does anyone know its address? It was a great site and I am sorry to have lost it.



Catena Aurea at Catechetics Online. Also the Dominican House of Studies has the Catena Aurea as well as other St. Thomas Aquinas’ works translated to English. Hope this helps!


Yes. This is just what I was looking for. Thanks


For anyone who has an iPod or iirc an Android, iPieta has it on their app.


The Aquinas Study Bible site has it.


Thank you for the great links on this thread.


Yes, thanks for the links. Here is one I have been using, but does not have as much of Thomas, by a long shot.


So does Verbum (Catholic version of Logos) Software


Yes, that is a great app. I wanted to forward the sites to a friend that does not have an ipad. Now I have several I can send her thanks to you guys.


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