Cath. TV Revelations teaching ewtn


I am watching this,…part way through,…

very interesting talk,…

Book of Revelations by Cath. apologist


Interesting that you posted this! I was just looking up Catholic videos earlier today on youtube and saw this listed and planned to watch it later on tonight then came here and saw your post about it. :thumbsup::slight_smile: I’m definitely going to check it out in a little while. :slight_smile:


Revelation or The Apocalypse

Not RevelationS

I think it’s Scott Hahn who tells the story of a teacher at seminary who would fail a student who called the book “Revelations.”

Not criticizing you, just thought you would want to know.

Peace. :slight_smile:


Thanks I often type faster than I should, and its’ usually into a laptop balancing on my knee,…too I prefer Revelation, because Apocalypse sounds deadly.


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