Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament - TLM 10/12/07

Hello all, I got to a FSSP parish in Sacramento and would like to tell anyone that is in the area that the three priest from St. Stephen’s will be celebrating a Solemn High Mass on October 12th at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. Please come and show your support! Thanks.

I imagine this will be a magnificent mass. I do not think there is a more beautiful church to hold TLM in within the diocese (I may be wrong as I have only been in a small number of the churches in the diocese).

Also, I suspect that Bishop Weigand is having the FSSP priests offer TLM at parishes to get a measure of the diocesan needs with regard to implementing the MP. An FSSP priest offered TLM at my parish (Woodland) in August.

Pictures of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament after restoration.

I agree completely! I love the Cathedral, and after the restoration it is even more beautiful! Anyways, have you ever been to St. Stephen’s? Here are some picture of it:

God bless!

I have not been to St. Stephen’s. I have considered going, however, I am mildly dyslexic and I find that reading during mass, which I would have to do during TLM to understand it, takes away from my ability focus on the mass itself. As a result, I choose to attend reverently celebrated NO masses.

I could learn Latin, but I also have significant central auditory processing disorder, which delayed my acquisition of English as a young child and makes it extremely difficult to learn other languages.

Bump, just for anyone who hasn’t saw it yet and also because it is tonight. :slight_smile:

Bump, just wanted to say I’m sorry I missed this post. I would have loved to see it. I love the Cathedral. I go there for daily noon Mass whenever I can. :slight_smile: Do you happen to know if they are going to have a TLM in the future?

There’s nothing planned for the near future. The Mass was said by the priests of St. Stephen’s parish which isn’t too far fron the cathedral. You may want to consider attending a Sunday sung High Mass at 10:30. Here’s a link to the parish website with all the Mass times listed along with information about our parish.

God Bless

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