Cathoicl in mixed marriage to raise children Catholic?

If my D gets married to her GO boyfriend, what religion do the children have to be raised? It looks like both religions are for each respectively.

Does the GO have to sign a paper stating he would raise the children in the wife’s Catholic faith? Or vice versa? And if my D goes in that direction, what about her faith?

When I married my non catholic husband, I thought he had to agree to that., which he did.

Just wondered what the rule is now or if things are different with GO.

One more thing, must the wedding be in the GO church just so his faith is not compromised?
I so do want my D to get married in her church she grew up in and that would be very hard to me as a parent…although it eventually would be her decision that I would have to accept.

Since this is an “official rules” question, you might want to try Liturgy and Sacraments forum.

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I can’t speak for the GO Church, but the Catholic Church will require your daughter to do everything in her power to see that the children are raised Catholic. But, she cannot damage her marriage by doing so.

The boyfriend does not need to agree, but needs to know about it.

So, she’s not promising to raise children Catholic, she promising to do everything she can without damaging her marriage to see that the children are raised Catholic. But if she raises them Orthodox in order to save her marriage now, there is no reason why she can’t teach them about the Catholic Church when they are older.

I hope this helps.

God bless.

What about meeting in the middle at an Eastern Catholic church? I could imagine something like Melkite Greek or even Maronite would be a good fit. There would be people in your daughter’s situation because of the Christian split in Lebanon, which is mostly Catholic/Greek Orthodox.

In the past, the Church required that the non-Catholic party promise to allow the Catholic party to raise the children Catholic. This is no longer the case. The Catholic party is still obligated to do his or her best to raise the children Catholic, but as a previous poster indicated, the non-Catholic party is simply “informed” of this obligation, not obliged to promise anything.

It is unlikely this would be permissible. The Orthodox view the rules on where you marry very seriously.The Greek and Russian Orthodox (if the latter are devout at least) tend to take the matter quite seriously. I see no value in ‘meeting half way’ in any case. The Catholic Church recognises marriages in Orthodox Churches as truly sacramental. The Melkites and Maronites should not be used as stand ins for this kind of things as that seems disrespect to them as neither the bride or groom belong to either Church.

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