Cathoicl in mixed marriage to raise children Catholic?


If my D gets married to her GO boyfriend, what religion do the children have to be raised? It looks like both religions are for each respectively.

Does the GO have to sign a paper stating he would raise the children in the wife’s Catholic faith? Or vice versa? And if my D goes in that direction, what about her faith?

When I married my non catholic husband, I thought he had to agree to that., which he did.

Just wondered what the rule is now or if things are different with GO.

One more thing, must the wedding be in the GO church just so his faith is not compromised?
I so do want my D to get married in her church she grew up in and that would be very hard to me as a parent…although it eventually would be her decision that I would have to accept.

I reposted this as I was told I had it in the wrong forum before.


I assume that D stands for Daughter and GO stands for Greek Orthodox?


The GO are true particular churches and therefore the requirements are different than when marrying a Christian from an ecclesial community.

Here are the guidelines on Catholic/Orthodox marriage:


Diane if your daughter’s boyfriend marries here in a Catholic Church he will excommunicate himself. This is why England, Ireland where I come from (and where marriages with the Orthodox are becoming more common due to a growing population of Eastern Orthodox Irish citizens) and the US Bishops often recommend marriage in an Orthodox Church for couples such as your daughter and her boyfriend.

Also, the understanding of the sacrament of marriage is somewhat different in the East than West which is why even within the Catholic Church the code of Canon Law for the East differs regarding marriage and why a priest is an absolute neccesity.

Most certainly my wife was not required to sign paperwork promising she would raise children Catholic. However the non-Catholic partner should not demean or denigrate the faith of the Catholic partner and the Catholic partner is required to do everything in their power to raise their children Catholic.


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