Catholic activities for Moms group?


Hi- we are starting a moms group at my parish! Can you suggest some Catholic centered activites for the group? Thanks and God Bless!


I know that the Rosa Mystica Society at my last parish assembled baskets of donated goods for pregnant women at crisis pregnancy centers. While those are little girls, I imagine moms might enjoy the activity because it is crafty, creative, and serves a lovely purpose.

You could also make rosaries and perhaps sell them to raise money for the parish or give them away to visiting Catholics at your parish. Also crafty and creative.

You could learn how to knit together, then sit around and chat while knitting baby blankets, booties, or hats for preemies at the hospital. Well, that’s not so Catholic, I suppose.


[quote=amarikidd]Hi- we are starting a moms group at my parish! Can you suggest some Catholic centered activites for the group? Thanks and God Bless!

Activities for moms or for moms and kids together?

For moms - Stacy Mitch wrote a series of studies for women - Courageous Love, Courageous Virtue, and Courageous Women. I have all 3 and have done 1 or 2 of them in the past. —KCT


Share family traditions for the various liturgical seasons–especially Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter… Learn about the Rosary and the life of Mary as a role model for mothers. Include social events such as potluck meals and service such as providing potluck meals to new moms. Sponsor a regular Mass or provide refreshments after Mass to welcome other moms to your group. Be responsible for taking care of a garden on Church grounds. Have fun and support the other moms.


DD’s Mom’s group at church makes quilts for children in homeless shelters, picked up by CPS etc. They fold into an attached pouch that makes a pillow.

When I was a kid every woman of the parish belonged to a Circle, all those in a given neighborhood. The Circle meeting each week or month was a big deal, sometimes the only time they got out. They prayed the rosary, and this was the group you called when mom was going to the hospital to have a baby (which happened quite a bit back in the era of large Catholic families), there was a death or illness in the family, they cooked food for funeral meals, or meals for families where mom was in the hospital. One year they came and did housework for us while my mom recovered from a miscarriage. This was the group who came and said the rosary at the funeral home.

In our neighborhood they also had an informal used clothing/school uniform/sports equipment exchange & recycling system going on.

I used to run a hot meal program in former diocese, was responsible for one day a week, and our volunteers rotated, one group was a local MOMS from our parish.

we also had a Seniors group that knit hats for newborns at local hospitals, these have become highly prized souvenirs.

DDs MOMS group became the nucleus for a parish pre-school program. Each team volunteered once every 6 weeks, so that every week preschoolers could have their own teaching and activities during or after Mass. Several times a year the priest said a Mass just for the kids. My grandkids all learned about the Mass in depth long before first communion this way.


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