Catholic Adoption Agencies Must Give Gays Children


What do you make of this? I am surprised that it didn’t get more press in the US. Heavy Christian persecution is just a few years away.


I guess I don’t expect much coverage of overseas news unless it directly affects Americans. I am not saying that is how it should be, but that U.S. news media are near-sighted.

Of course, the controversy has raised a big stink in the UK. And here at CAF we’ve already had at least two lengthy threads on the topic. I guess that is one of the virtues of forums such as this - they give us a broader perspective.


Frankly, I am not surprised at all. Conveniently the media passes up stories of Christian persecution. If they didn’t, they would be informing Christians that they are being persecuted, and that is very much against their agenda. Am I saying that there is a conspiracy? For all I know there could be, but I think that the majority of news agencies have no problem with persecuting Christians. A little bit (compared to the size of the universe) of a double standard. OK to condemn the publisher’s of Mohamed cartoons but no coverage or justifying it with the first amendment for those who persecute Christians. I’d call what they are doing an agenda.:mad:


Most media outlets hold to a philosophy that is hostile to Christianity and this wouldn’t be the first time things like this were underreported. Of course, when a particular news story is damaging to Christianity, they can’t shut up about it.


I agree. Even if it’s not a policy most media are like this.

I used to listen to a radio station 2JJJ which is Australia’s ‘Youth Network’ (though I’m no longer considerd ‘youth’). One easter they had a discussion about what music Jesus would be listening to if he were alive today. They called it “Dead Guy Weekend”. I stopped listening then.

Their parent organisation, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) was all aghast at those cartoons in Denmark and the disrespect for Islam.


Thanks for the responses and I agree. I want to say that I think discussions between Catholics and Protestants have been a great information tool on this site. However, I wonder if we should be including more discussion on how we are going to protect our religious freedom in the future. I think the world has hit a sad state of affairs when we have more discussions on our theological differences than societies that spit in God’s face and Christianity. That is more of a problem and we may one day not have the ability to discuss the history of the church or theology.


I don’t know if there already is one, but we (at least here in the US) need a national, bipartisan, social conservative convention. I think that then this hypothetical group could ensure that social conservatives are nominated to their respective parties.


You know gang, I really don’t see this adoption issue passing in the US. Although many hate the separation of church and state philosophy, this is one area where it will help us tremendously. (Fingers crossed)

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