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Someone very dear to me came to me and told me that he got his ex-girlfriend pregnant. He is not going to marry her and we discussed the possibility of adoption - of giving his child up to a very good Catholic family. Does anyone have any resources I could give him as far as websites of orthodox Catholic family adoptions? I see that there are Catholic Adoption agencies out there - but is there anything out there for faithful, child seeking couples? (not that these people from Catholic adoption agencies aren’t faithful - but may be culturally Catholic)

Please help me! Thank you!


You could recommend
You can also look under Catholic community Services in your state, which help with adoptions
Agencies wouldn’t be able to tell you whether a couple were faithful Catholics exactly, but your friend would be able to meet or communicate with the couple and discuss it. Most birthparents do meet with several couples and pick the ones they think would be the best pick for their baby.


Go to the parish priest(s) from the same parish as both of the involved, confess their sin and ask the priest(s) if thy are aware of any couple in the parish that is longing for a child.They can arrange a private adoption within the parish.


Call Catholic Charities at your Diocese.

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