Catholic Aliens

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I have a a hypothetical scenario…

Aliens arrive in washington dc and land their spacecraft on the white house lawn.

The alien beings walk out in procession in clerical clothing and procede with an immediate public celebration of mass, followed by the angelus and canonisations of various alien saints.

My understanding is humans are supposed to be the top species and therefore other species would have an inferior status and therefore this could be an issue?

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I don’t see that it should matter. It’s interesting though, that even if celebrated by aliens from a distant world the Mass would be recognizable:)

Why would you assume that other species are inferior?

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft…

We are your Friends!!!

Sorry, had to do it…

Especially since I thought this was of a different subject at first…

They, in fact, could be smarter.

Although, if they land here despite the fact that we’ve been broadcasting Honey Boo-Boo out into the universe, I might question that. :smiley:

Maybe we are on this planet, but who’s to say that would be the case with beings from another planet? I would argue that any creature of at least human-level intelligence and reasoning, with an immortal soul, would be our equals.

I think the larger issue for Catholics would be whether Jesus had appeared on their planet as well. If not, why would they be celebrating Mass?


Well, Jesus only established one Church with His once for all Sacrifice on Calvary. All His Apostles were human and all remained on the Earth. How exactly would have another rational species (if such exist) been evangelized? It seems more likely to me, that Christ’s (who is both MAN and God and therefore saved HUMANS) Sacrifice would only be salvific for humans.

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One of the points that I make in my novel is that it is rather arrogant to assume that humanity, as finite, fallible, and fallen as it is, is the only possible race that could be created in the image of an infinite God. In the novel, the race is unfallen and much older, and therefore much “smarter,” although naïve, because they had never experienced evil.


Fortunately, the broadcasts are digital and would not be intelligible, unless the alien viewers could figure out the decoding algorithm.

Well, if they walk out in liturgical clothing, they’d better have their stoles inside their chasables, else the Liturgical Abuse police will get 'em!

Thank you for all your answers. Although purely hypothetical. I find this an interesting thread.

Hi PP, nicely put. I think you are right and that the Bible version of salvation is directed towards humans and not other species. Therefore I dont think it possible that there could be catholic aliens. If aliens were to exist I think they would other religions or no religion, rather than be catholic.

I wonder how in history catholic evangelists first appeared to indigenous people in remote parts of the planet. I imagine that they would seem “alien” in terms of their appearance and beliefs. :slight_smile:

This is true. The fact cannot be denied. But don’t you think that it might be possible, if fantastic, for Christ to be born and carry out his ministry on another planet simultaneously to His actions on earth? To institute the same Church and to sacrifice Himself for the redemption of that alien race at the exact same time that He did so on Earth?

It isn’t inconceivable, and actually it would reveal just how amazing God’s plan is for the salvation of all species with immortal souls.

I would wonder why they landed in DC instead of the Vatican…:shrug:


Or, after landing their spacecraft on the White House lawn, they might all bow towards Mecca and begin their prayers.

Maybe they came to earth and look just like us…The OP did not say what they look like.



On a bit more serious note: John 10:16 gives us hope for any other sentient beings that are out there:

"And other sheep I have, that are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice, and there shall be one fold and one shepherd. "

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