Catholic Alverno College Under Fire for Linking Students to Pro-Abortion Groups

Catholic Alverno College Under Fire for Linking Students to Pro-Abortion Groups

by Steven Ertelt Editor
August 30, 2010

Milwaukee, WI ( – Alverno College in Wisconsin is a Catholic school, but it is coming under fire for violating the pro-life teachings of the Catholic Church and linking students to pro-abortion activist groups. The school has the motto to “change the world” but one organization wants it to change its policies promoting abortion.

TFP Student Action has alerted pro-life advocates to links on the Alverno College web site that channel students to abortion advocacy groups.

More than 15,000 students and parents have politely requested that the Catholic college founded by the School Sisters of St. Francis delete the links, but TFP told today that the links remain up and running.

The college lists pro-abortion groups like the Center for Reproductive Health, National Organization for Women (NOW), EMILY’s List, and many more.

“You can’t be a true Catholic and at the same time favor abortion,” said TFP Student Action director John Ritchie.

He added, “It betrays the very mission of a Catholic institution. So, we’ve decided to intensify our prayers and protest until all the pro-abortion links are gone.”

One of the groups linked to Alverno College’s web site is called Radical Women. This organization bills itself as “a trailblazing socialist feminist organization,” and its web site not only promotes communist ideology but also partial birth abortion

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