Catholic and a Police Officer

I am a Catholic and a Police Officer who often has a hard time as very few of my coworkers are not either Protestant or complete non believers. I have read a few books about being a Christian Police Officer but none are by or for Catholics. I can not find a single Catholic Police Officer’s Bible, Police Officer’s Association, or anything else specifically for Catholics online or elsewhere and it is getting very frustrating and I feel very alone. Can anyone suggest any resources I have not yet found? Thank you!

You have a great point. All I had was our Seventh Day Adventist chaplain. Some interesting conversations there! Have you contacted any of the Christian officer’s association to see if they have a sub-group? You may be called to begin one.

Where are you located? There are Catholic police officers’ guilds in England.
There is this one in New York:

You might try the Knights of Columbus, where you might find like-minded men even if they’re not officers:

Yes I have noticed and been disappointed by the fact the only Catholic Police Officer’s Associations I can find are in the UK or New York. I also joined my Parish KofC but due to my work schedule I am unable to attend meetings and no other officers in the group that I know of.

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