Catholic and Baptist in relationship

My wife was raised Catholic, I Baptist. She wanted to be married in the Catholic Church so we went to see the priest. He high handedly try to get me to sign a paper agreeing we would raise our children catholic. I kindly told he were the nearest cliff was and to jump off it. We were married in the Baptist Church and raised a fine Baptist family.

Dating would not necessarily expose issues that would arise after getting married and having children. My Baptist-raised husband had big problems with infant baptism.

Nice amount of respect you showed for your wife’s faith. Again, exactly why one should marry someone of the same faith.

Maybe you’ll have a daughter that will marry a Catholic and tell your minister to take a flying leap…she’ll be following her husband after all and the example of her father, right?

All my kids married Baptist. all my grandkids are dating Baptist. They know better not to!

Must be a blast being married to you.
Would you mind answering the question?
By what authority are you making this interpretation?

You still didn’t answer my questions.

Why would you show such disrespect for your wife’s faith and clergy?

This is rude. It is never kind to tell someone to commit suicide.

The state in which you are married recognizes the husband as the head of the household as does the church. It’s a centurys old tradition.

just a matter of speaking

That doesn’t answer the questions that I asked.

By what authority do YOU interpret the Bible? If you answer “by the authority of the Orthodox Church”, I will ask how you know it has the authority to interpret the Bible. Your answer better not include a Bible verse, since you are then interpreting it prior to having established who or what authorizes you to do so :slight_smile:

I think you directed your post at the wrong person.

I did. I am sorry.

:slight_smile: It’s okay, things can get easily confused in a discussion like this.

Nope. Still rude.

Answer the question please

And what happens if they choose not to?

They loss their inheritance

by the authority of scripture itself

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