Catholic AND Jewish?

Is anyone else in the same position as I am? Catholic father, Jewish mother - I won’t pray for the conversion of the Jews during the Good Friday Ceremonies at our Traditional Parish - which I love. My father was observant, my mother not so much - but still, “once a Catholic…” - and Jewish is always Jewish as well. And the food is wonderful!
I have often wondered how I stand?

I don’t understand you at all.
I think the good friday liturgy is awesome precisely because it prays for the Jews. I love the Jewish people and I always have. When we pray for them we pray exactly because we love them. And if you look at the words in the liturgy it no where says the Jew will or should stop being a Jew. Only we pray that they be fulfilled Jews: that is, that they come to embrace their own Jewish Messiah Yeshua.
I have an aquaintance who is both Jew and Catholic. He even wears some of the traditional clothes, like the kippa, but he loves and serves the Church and we are proud to have him.
He is fully Jewish and fully Catholic. There is no a contradiction but only fulfilment. This guy and many others, both Messianic and Catholic Jews, pray for their people that they may recognize that Yeshua is Messhiah. They do this because they love their people.

How can you not know where you stand?
I would like to recommend you some books: Roy Shoeman: “Salvation is from the Jews” and “Honey from the Rock” and also this page


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