Catholic and libertarian? Pope’s top adviser says they’re incompatible

Wow is all I can think of.

I use to say that the difference between an anarchist and a libertarian is that a libertarian was better dressed.

If you take libertarianism to it’s logical conclusion, no laws that prevent one from doing what they feel is necessary to their well-being, you end up with anarchy.

They are totally compatible. Why on earth would they not be? I am both catholic and libertarian. You could call be an anarchist but that doesnt offend me. WHY are they not compatible. My faith and my political beliefs support each other TREMENDOUSLY.

What is this? My libertarian/almost anarcho beliefs tell me that tghe poor should be helped and our current system sucks at doing that. So libertarians and the pope’s top advisors agree. Why is he talking about the liberty movement? Capitalism is the problem he is really talking about, why does he falsely call it libertarian.
I fully believe in solidarity with the poor, and that totally supports the ideaas of libertarians, who like neither corporate control or government control, which excludes the poor.

Could you say exactly how they support each other? Given that the libertarian party disagrees with the church on countless issues such as aid for the poor, drugs, and abortion (just to name a few), I seriously question that assertion.

Drugs maybe, but abortion? seriously? Ron Paul is EXTREMELY pro life. How did you not know that? Alex Jones is pro life, the whole libertarian ideology is usually pro life!

The last time I checked, Obama and the Democrats were still the ones with 2/3rds of the power in Washington DC. Republicans in the House can only pass a budget after it gets the approval of Obama and the Democrat controlled Senate. Democrats had control over the House and the Senate when Bush was in office. And when Obama was first elected, the Democrats had total control in Washington for about 2 years and had the opportunity to do anything they wanted with zero possible resistance. But they chose to make furthering the homosexual agenda their exclusive focus while passing a huge stimulus package that flopped. Therefore, ownership of the bad U.S. economy should rest squarely with the Democrats.

My libertarianism is perfectly complemented by my devotion to Catholicism. IMHO, libertarians are not anarchists who wish to remove all rules. Rather, they wish to avoid governmental intervention/interference into areas beyond those called for in the constitution: providing for the common defense, forming a more perfect union, establishing justice, insuring domestic tranquility, promoting the general welfare, and securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

I do not define libratarian as total acceptance to whatever the part sasys, part alligence is not the issue. I do not funny believe in all the economic principle of free market libertarianism, thats just capitalism which i have no support for. They believe in legalizing pot, but so? If that is forbidden in the church thats news to me. It has medical benefits. Anyways im not here to debate that. Im just saying that I fully support Catholic Social Teaching, if you asked me what i was politically, id probly say libertarian though. Because doesnt the church also believe in small government, solidarity, and subsidiarity, the idea that corporations are not to run everything, ect, and more that the liberty party preaches?

AMEN!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


That’s right Rome…Just keep alienating everyone, even your allies. That’s the way to encourage and instill faith :rolleyes:

As a Theologian I know I am obligated to follow these pronouncements but…It’s getting cringe worthy to watch some of these. It’s PR suicide.

I’m sorry Cardinal, but Absolute Theocratic Monarchy is not coming back as a political philosophy in the western world anytime ever.

True, true. Those statements from him make it sound like that is what he wants.

Isn’t that what the goal of the Catholic Church is? “All creatures being subject to the Roman Pontiff”?

Of course not. The Pontiff is the Bisho of Rome, not the Bishop of Earth. He leads the other Bishops, and decides on disputes within the Church, but they are ALL subject to Lord Jesus. The goal of the Church is to obey Christ when he commanded us to go and preach the gospel to all the nations. So we spread being subject to Christ’s reign. We DO have social teaching, but none of it calls for a big world theocracy.

Libertarian policies promoted by American conservatives? Really? Besides the rare talking points on the economy (not acting points), what libertarian policies to American conservatives promote? I’m not seeing it.

That’s true. That’s why I’m an anarchist. :slight_smile:

Libertarians are pro family, pro life…

What is libertarianism? Is is a social system? Is it a legal system? Is it an economic system? Is it a moral system? That is the real problem.

For some, it means property rights are more important than individual rights. For others, it means individual rights are more important than societal rights.

And I think that is why this advisor feels that libertarianism is not compatible with Catholicism. It doesn’t talk much about responsibilities. It is more about the I instead of the We. It is another man-centric system instead of a God-centric system.

As an ex-member of the US Libertarian Party for roughly 3 1/2 years, I agree with the papal advisor.

When I was in that party, I saw a lot of atheistic and agnostic utopianism associated with the movement. I also saw an unhealthy obsession with the Paul political family, almost as if Ron Paul was some sort of quasi-messiah. There also seemed to be a modest degree of anti-black racism and Confederate nostalgia (though I admit this was by no means universal to the party).

I also saw ideas that I couldn’t reconcile with Catholicism: for example; the opposition to minimum-wage laws and worker safety laws; the distrust of democracy (a common saying was, “democracy is the tyranny of the majority”); and the complete destruction (not just reform) of government welfare systems such as food stamps, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid (some of which my family has depended on at times).

Not all libertarians. Neither are all Republicans. And not all Democrats are anti-family or anti-life.

A lot of college students call themselves Libertarians. I bet most of them are for birth control and the morning after pill, sex outside of marriage, divorce, all things that some might not consider pro-life or pro-family.

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